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Marble Season; Gilbert Hernandez & Free Comic Book Day Update!

Last week saw the release of Gilbert Hernadez' new graphic novel, Marble Season, a semi-autobiographical book based on his childhood. To say it's wonderful is stating the obvious for those of you who are already familiar with Gilbert's thirty plus year output in this medium, mostly via his seminal alternative comic series, Love and Rockets. If you haven't read any Gilbert Hernadez comics previously, Marble Season would be a great new work of his to get yourself introduced to the rich characters and storytelling (not to mention fantastic art) that Gilbert Hernandez does.
AND! You all know that this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, right!? Well one of the FREE comics from Drawn & Quarterly is a preview comic of Marble Season and said cartoonist, Gilbert Hernandez will be happy to sign your FREE copy of this FCBD  version of Marble Season at Alternate Reality Comics' Free Comic Book Day event this Saturday, May 4th! And all Gilbert Hernandez Love and Rocket books …

Free Comic Book Day 2013, here's what's happening at Alternate Reality Comics!

Everyone knows what Free Comic Book Day is, right (being that this year is the 13th annual Free Comic Book Day, you should - grin!)!? Well here's your sound bite description of what Free Comic Book Day is (and I'll be calling it FCBD the rest of this entry): FCBD is a day, every first day of May   , in which the comic book industry gets together to celebrate how amazing this medium is, and all you have to do is show up at your favorite comic book store (Alternate Reality Comics, right?) and Free comics will be had, no purchase required! It's especially fun to bring your comic book newbie friends, kids, and loved ones so that they can share with you in the fun!
So this year, FCBD is Saturday, May 4th (May the Forth Be With You!) and at Alternate Reality Comics the fun will be happening from 10am-7pm! Here's the lowdown of the fun overload that we have planned!:
* First and foremost, everyone who shows up will get FREE comic books! The photo above shows just the smalles…

Artist Spotlight group show in May!

In anticipation of the 13th annual Free Comic Book Day (just about THE BIGGEST day at comic stores everywhere, but especially here at Alternate Reality Comics - grin!), Saturday, May 4th, here at Alternate Reality Comics, we're having a group Artist Spotlight for the month of May! The Artist Spotlight section of The Reality is a section where every month we spotlight a different artist or two (usually local).

Here's how this group show will work: We're looking for anyone to draw or art up a version of any comic book cover in any medium. No real rules, just have fun with your piece, we're not looking for replicas of any cover, just maybe that they have some nudge nudge wink wink reference to the cover you're paying homage to. The piece should be no larger than 11x17 and submissions are due Monday, April 29th. Our reception for all of the art and artists for this group show will be on Wednesday, May 1st, from 5-8pm and we'll have the art up throughout the month …

Letting It Go; Miriam Katin

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day,  the first Sunday of every year in April, when we remember the millions of people killed in genocide during WWII and in genocides throughout history. So it seemed especially appropriate that I read Miriam Katin's new graphic novel, Letting It Go, that came out earlier this week, today.
Miriam Katin, was a little girl during World War II, and along with her mother, was fortunate to have survived getting captured by Nazis by hiding in the Hungarian countryside, which she details in her first, also excellent graphic novel, We Are On Our Own (in which she also gets into her loss of religious faith as a result of the Holocaust).
In Letting It Go, Miriam Katin's second graphic novel, again through her wonderful pencil art style (but this time in color), she writes about how her son tells her he wants to move to Berlin and she is having a really hard time with this as she has not forgiven what has happened in Germany during WWII. No one should ever…

Goodbye, Camine Infantino

Today is a sad day for comic fans, especially Silver Age DC comic book fans, specifically fans of The Flash, as artist, Carmine Infantino, has died at the age of 87, after a long illness. I first started reading / buying comic books back in 1975 and DC Comics / The Flash were amongst my first comic book favorites. Although Carmine Infantino wasn't drawing the Flash in the 1970s, whenever I'd see earlier Flash comics drawn by Infantino, I'd snatch them up and even though I really disliked his late 1970s / 1980s art style that seemed too rely too much on the use of a T Square ruler (his Star Wars and Spider-Woman comics for Marvel were especially annoying to me) his art was always very kinetic.
Carmine Infantino also went on to be the editorial director, and even later, the publisher of DC Comics, but to myself and most comic fans, he'll mostly be remembered for the big part he played in ushering DC's Silver Age, primarily The Flash. Thanks for all the entertainment …