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Happy New Comics Wednesday 1/28/14 - Miracleman #2 & Serenity #1 edition!

 Miracleman issue #2, with this issue you really see how dark Alan Moore takes the Captain Marvel / Shazam roots this character is an homage to (really an all out swipe of Captain Marvel) and we see the early nastiness of Kid Miracleman. Pages 13-22 represent The Yesterday Gambit, a chapter with what Moore was doing with this taking MM to the next level that foreshadows what will be happening in the future of this title. There's some good bits in this chapter, but it's not on the level of greatness of the first 12 pages in this issue. At the time it first appeared in the early 1980s, Moore wrote this to give then regular MM artist a chance to catch up with the main story, so the art in the Yesterday Gambit (which is reprinted in the U.S. for the first time) by Steve Dillon and others is far removed from what Gary Leach was doing, but the first 12 pages here should keep you on the edge of your seat as to what's going to happen in future issues (and it really gets DARK!).


Happy New Comics Wednesday! 1/22/14 - Today's edition brought to you by the word "Dead"!

Leading the pack of comic book excitement today are five comics with the word "dead" in their titles! Walking Dead #120, which really lives up to its story arc title, All Out War, with this issue! Pretty Deadly and the second issue of Dead Body Road, a great revenge story! The man who pretty much started the zombie craze back in 1968 with his movie, The Night of the Living Dead, George Romero, has a new Marvel Max comic out, Empire of the Dead, drawn by Alex Maleev and the first issue is off to a good start! My favorite comic with "dead" in its title is Rick Remender's new title for Image, Deadly Class, beautifully drawn by Wes Craig, featuring assassin action and intrigue (it's the best comic I've ever read by Remender and it's fantastic!)!

James Robinson is now at Marvel with All New Invaders, and this is the best thing I've read from him in a long time (I liked his Earth Two, but it wasn't ever up to the level of his Starman)! And it has …

Happy New Comic Wednesday 1/15/14 - Larime Taylor (A Voice In The Dark) signing & Miracleman edition!

BIG, BIG, BIG Day here today at Alternate Reality Comics, lads and lasses! As I'm sure you all know, we're having A Voice In The Dark creator, Larime Taylor in the store from 10am - 6pm! The third fantastic issue is out today and Larime would love to hear your feedback on the first two issues! We also has a fresh stock of all three issues if you haven't already tried this great new title! I couldn't be happier with this title issue after issue. Larime writes and draws such rich and different characters. A sound bite description I'll leave you with if you don't already know what this book is about: the central character, Zoey, has killed someone and gotten away with it, she's just started college and hosts a radio talk show called A Voice In The Dark and her first show goes to a place no one was expecting. Please come by today and show Larime what a great comic book community Vegas has!
Miracleman!!!! This was a comic Alan Moore wrote in the early 1980s befor…

Happy New Comics WEDNESDAY - 1st of the 2014 edition (collect them all)!

Okay, about a week ago I was lead to believe that this was the week that Marvel was going to be releasing a thousand of their new titles, but actually there's just a few new Marvel titles out (goes to show you that you shouldn't believe what you read on the internet - unless I write it - grin!). One of their big release that I thought would get buried is their one shot new short story collection, Marvel Now Point One, which features several great new stories by the creative teams that will be doing the respective titles featured in this comic. My favorites were the Slott & Allred Silver Surfer story and the new Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona (that one really surprised me with how good and different it was!). There's also a cool Loki framing story by Al Ewing & Lee Garbett!

Detective Comics #27 is a great example of how a landmark / anniversary issue should be done! This year is the 75th birthday of the creation of Batman and Detective Comics #…