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Happy New Comics Wednesday! Southern Bastards, Surfer #2, something called Amazing Spider-Man #1, & a big bash at the store tonight with Batman local artists & Very Awesome Girls craft sale benefit!

Southern Bastards, a new comic by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour is my super-unqualified pick of the week! Big DC Annual week, with Batwoman, Batgirl, Green Lantern New Guardians, and Flash - featuring Barry's first meet up with Wally! Can't wait to read the second issue of Silver Surfer and the new Deadly Class! Peter Parker is back in the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man since 1962 (well there may have been another Amazing #1, but it's still a big deal to a lot of people!) and he's regained his body and is surprised at a lot of things in his life that have changed since Doc Oct was running around in his place (also, we have blank cover versions of the first issue which are great for having artists draw upon, like at our Free Comic Book Day event this Saturday and or at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con at the South Point, June 20-22nd)! Here's some other details about other things happening at Alternate Reality Comics tonight and Saturday to truly make this a week …

Happy New Comics Wednesday - Original Sin #0, Elektra, Flash, Daredevil, and...!

Original Sin is a Marvel mini series about the Watcher being killed by someone who also took out his eyes. Today's Original Sin #0 is more of a Nova-centric story (but a really good Nova story) in which we also learn a lot about the Watcher before he is found dead in the first issue which comes out in two weeks. Original Sin is by Mark Waid and Jim Cheung. Also by Waid today is the new Daredevil and it's another great issue! Elektra debuts today and you've got to look at the interior art - it's really beautiful!
Secret Origins also debuts from DC today, this is a title that will have new origins of the new DC 52 characters! Do you miss Animal Man? - Well he's back in Justice League United! Things really get turned up in the third issue of Batman Eternal and we get the introduction to a character we haven't seen prior to this comic in the new DC 52!
The conclusion to All Out War is in Walking Dead #127 this week (and we just came into a BIG Walking Dead collect…

Happy New Comics Wednesday - 4/16/14 - COMICS!!!!

The penultimate issue of the first story arc of AVoice in the Dark and it's another great one, with some great twists (we have all issues in stock if you want to check this out)! The second issue of the returned Stray Bullets is another fantastic self contained story that will stay with you long after you've read it! Sales on Stray Bullets since its return have been somewhat lackluster strangely, because it has been well reviewed and everyone who reads it loves it (if they enjoy mature crime fictionesque narratives) - so today (Wed., April 16th), I'm going to GIVE the first 15 people who ask me about Stray Bullets, the first issue FREE! Haven't checked out Sex Criminals, one of the best new titles out there yet? Well today Image has a nicely priced ($9.99!) first volume out!
Third issue of the new Ms. Marvel is out and it's the best superhero title I've read so far this week and continues to be one of my most eagerly awaited new titles! Side note time: Every w…

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/9/14 - brought to you by Batman Eternal #1, Iron First, & Deadpool Wedding issue!

 Batman Eternal weekly starts and it starts with something that will change the landscape of Gotham (how's that for some hype - grin!?) Doop! BIG, HUGE wedding issue of Deadpool, with guests galore, both costumed and on the creative front! This special issue of Daredevil also has some top notch creators and looks FAB!
 Iron Fist by Kaare Andrews looks fistastic! Second issue of the new Ghost Rider, new Ultimates, new Nightcrawler, and a big anniversary issue of All New X-Men, with more great creative team guest stars!
New Image series, Shutter, looks interesting, as does the new Boom! Studios' Limberjacks! Kick Ass' penultimate issue of the entire series! There's also a new Walking Dead (issue #125) and this is one of those, don't look at the last page until you get there (of course you shouldn't really do this with any comic - grin!)!

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/2/14 - Moon Knight / Manapul Detective Comics / Harrison Wood Artist Spotlight edition!

Tonight (Wednesday) from 5-8pm, Harrison Wood Artist Spotlight Opening Reception (see example of his art in the last photo here)!

Warren Ellis' second issue of Moon Knight is just as charming as the first issue - great stuff, so good to finally have a good Moon Knight comic! The creative team of the New 52 Flash as moved on to Detective Comics and while I'm sad to see them leave Flash, their first issue of Detective is REALLY good! Ultimate Spider-Man #200 (shown here with both covers) is a Ultimate universe celebration of Peter Parker and is one of Bendis' strongest writing in some time - great character moments! While I haven't read the new Aquaman comic pictured above yet, it's supposed to set up DC's Future's end upcoming BIG comic that will introduce Batman Beyond into the DC universe!
Mark Millar's second issue of Starlight continues this titles grand style Flash Gordon story. New sci-fi comic by Garth Ennis - Caliban (haven't read it yet, bu…