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Happy New Comics Wednesday - ALL of the GREAT Comics edition, including Romita Jr.'s first Superman & Outcast, a new horror comic by Robert Kirkman!!

What a weekend! I'm still recovering from said weekend and I know a lot of my friends are too! I wish I could have gone to more of the Amazing Las Vegas Comic-con, because the few hours I went on Friday and Sunday were AMAZING, like the title of this convention says (thanks Jimmy Jay and support crew for putting this on again!)! Alas, I had to get my annual raving at the Motor Speedway in (damn EDC for being on the same weekend!) and had to sleep for a few (too few) hours during the days.

Outcast is a new horror comic about possession by Walking Dead writer / creator,  Robert Kirkman, and I feel like I owe him an apology because I didn't think this would be that good based on a little preview that was in the back of a recent issue of Walking Dead. Anyway, having read the entire double sized issue for only $2.99, I'm here to say that Outcast got off to a VERY strong start and I can't wait to see where this series goes!

The new Superman creative team of Geoff Johns and …

Happy New Comics Wednesday - HUGE WEEK of excitement!! Starting with today's GREAT new comics, Brian Haberlin Artist Spotlight (!!) tonight, & this weekend's Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con @ the South Point!!

Original Sin #4! Yes there's an answer of sorts as to what happened at the end of issue #3 and there's... (I know this is the first comic everyone will read first, so that's all I'm saying!)!
The Wicked + Divine #1 is a new Image series by the creative team of Phonogram, Suburban Glamor, and Young Avengers, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie and it's a HUGE money back guarantee comic here at Alternate Reality Comics! Witchcraft (or is it?), great characters, and great art and we've got three fantastic covers for you to chose from (including one by Bryan O'Mallery, the creator of Scott Pilgrim! Sex Criminals returns and new issues of Elektra and Daredevil!
More fantastic DC Bombshell cover variants! The second issue of Millar's MPH is also out today as is Thor, Uncanny X-Men, Unwritten, Fatale, Fables, Alex + Ada, and Manhattan Projects!

Here's some details about tonight's exciting Artist Spotlight opening reception featuring Brian Haberlin (reall…

Happy New Comics Wednesday! DC Bombshell & Walking Dead edition!

Just want to say upfront that this week's DC Bombshell covers are really nice eye candy! And Walking Dead continues its next phase in strong fashion!

Original Sins is a five issue spin off title, with each issue featuring two stories. The first one in this issue features a new Deathlok (a new series will follow the conclusion of Original Sin) and a Young Avengers story that continues into next issue.
A new issue of Mark Millar's Starlight is out today, as well as new issues of Bendis' The United States of Murder, Captain Marvel, Mighty Avengers, Astro City, Manifest Destiny, and Shutter.
New first issues out today (of which I haven't gotten a chance to read yet), include The Empty Man written by Cullen Bunn, Red City (a sci-fi crime comic), and Wildfire, by Matt Hawkins and Linda Sejic. And the first issue of Didio and Giffen's Infinity Man and the Forever People looks like a great Kirby homage comic!

Happy New Comics Wednesday! You won't believe what happens in Original Sin #3!! Afterlife With Archie - glorious trade collection! Miracleman!!

Original Sin #3 - WOW, craziness abounds in this issue! I wouldn't lie about something like this - I hope you've stayed away from spoilers! And if you're not already on the great horror train that is Afterlife With Archie - well today is the perfect time to get on board as the trade paperback collecting the first arc is out and it's a beautiful production all around! Miracleman; Miracledog!? - yup, this great series, that was the first taking superheroes to the next level, show how Alan Moore handles super-powered animals! And a great issue of Magneto too!
See these pretty covers on the bottom row of this display above? This is DC's first week of doing Bombshell / Pinup covers on some of their titles (they're going to do this for two months on about three or four titles a week)! And the Action Comics is the next chapter in the Doomsday "Doomed" storyarc that is in the Superman titles (with many of the issues going to second print, to give you an idea…