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Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/25/15 - Dark Knight III #1 edition, plus other GREAT comics, & note about our Friday SALE!

 Dark Knight III has arrived!! It's written by Brian Azzarello, pencilled by Andy Kubert, and inked by Klaus Janson and it's NOT essential to have read Dark Knight Returns or Dark Knight Strikes Again before reading this! DKIII is also not the gonzo-fest that DKII was and I think people who pick this up will be eagerly awaiting the second issue! Another great new Vertigo title is also out this week, Jacked, and it's a great comic to read after DKIII (you'll see what I mean if you pick this up - which is highly recommended for those of you who like comics featuring characters who get super powers, but with many added twists)!
 Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 looks really good! Part two of Vader Down is out today in Darth Vader #13, as well as the new issue of Chewbacca!
What is Alternate Reality Comics doing for Black Friday in terms of sales!? We will have details on our Friday sale either Wednesday evening or early Thursday, but I think you'll want to make Altern…

Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/18/15 (Happy Birthday Alan Moore) - Great new debuts this week including Huck (Mark Millar wants to write a Superman comic so bad!), Red Thorn, Mighty Thor, Ms. Marvel, & James Robinson's Uncanny Avengers Annual!


Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/11/15 - Happy Veteran's day (we're open!) Twilight Children, Slash & Burn, Secret Wars, Walking Dead, The Goddammed, & Multiple Sclerosis Arizona Artists Benefit this Saturday!!

 Please check out the info for our Arizona Artists MS Benefit happening this Saturday from 2-7pm after these three photos of just some of the glorious comics out this week! Two great weeks in a row!!

Arizona Artists Artist Spotlight benefiting MS Saturday, Nov. 14th @ Alternate Reality Comics from 2-7pm:

Many of us know someone who has MS and can likely agree that the most frustrating of it all is knowing there is nothing you can do for that person to make them feel better. This event will help show your support for whoever you're helping fight for. If you've got a family or friend with MS and want to help raise awareness and money to help find a cure, you should be at this event and participate in it online.

There will be Sketches, Art & Comics from some of Arizona's best and well known talent! T-Shirts and raffle tickets are being sold to raise money to be donated to The MS Society.

There are a ton of great prizes to be won, amazing talent to meet and a caus…

Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/4/15 - Unfollow, Paper Girls, Sandman Overture hardcover, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival edition!!

 The Sandman Hardcover is every bit as GORGEOUS as JH Williams III art demands it be (and only $24.99)! Unfollow #1, this new Vertigo title will be the one everyone is looking for in a couple of months (that is if they miss out this week - it's SO good)! Paper Girls #2, can BKV do no wrong - I don't think so! After the next two photos, please read the info on this Saturday's (Nov. 7th) Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, this year is extra packed with greatness and attendance is free (the Clark County Library right behind Alternate Reality Comics)!
 I especially can't wait to read the first issue of Deadpool (never thought I'd say that, but there's been some really good Deadpool stories lately!)! And Vision #1 looks like something different! Look a NEW X-title - just when you thought Marvel abandoned their mutants! Also can't wait to read the second Doctor Strange (we still have some first issues) and the third issues of Spidey and Iron Man - these are reall…