Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/19/14 - Multiversity Watchmen, I mean Pax Americana (grin!), Saga 18 issue hardcover (!!) edition!

If you only buy one comic today / this week, make it Multiversity Pax Americana, it's a very good Watchmensque story by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely! New creative teams on Wonder Woman, Superman / Wonder Woman, and Batman / Superman this week, which makes them great jumping on points! Teen Titans Earth One original hardcover by Jeff Lemire & Terry dodson!
Part two of the crazy big Spider-Verse story in this week's amazing Spider-Man! Spider-Woman #1, which also features Silk (one of my favorite new characters!)!
Deadly Class - it seems like a little while since an issue has been out! Intersect, written & drawn by Ray Fawkes looks really interesting!
This week Saga gets the  GORGEOUS over-sized hardcover treatment, 18 issues for a mere $49.99, and it's full of extras like script pages and pages showing Fiona Staples art process!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/5/14 (Guy Fawkes Day)!

Still riding on a high from the FANTASTIC 7th Annual Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival this past Saturday, thanks to everyone who came out and made the day the huge fun and success it was! I'm going to have to let these photos do the talking as I haven't read any of this week's titles yet. Hope to see many of you today / this week!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - Halloween Comicfest / Fillbach Artist Spotlight Opening / Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival Launch Party!!

Three FREE Halloween Comicfest comics for everyone who stops by Alternate Reality Comics today (see fourth photo below!)! Fillbach Brothers Artist Spotlight Opening Reception from 2-8pm today (see details after photos!)! Today we're having an all day launch party (FREE sodas, adult beverages, and snacks!) for this Saturday's 7th Annual Vegas Valley Comic book Festival happening at the Clark County Library right behind my store! And yes, it's New Comics Wednesday too! Saga! Southern Bastards! Tuki Saves The Humans!

Artist Spotlight Opening Reception details!

This will be one of our MOST FUN Artist Spotlight Opening Receptions to date!! Anyone who knows the artistry of the Matt and Shawn Fillbach already know what a great local treasure they are! The Fillbach Bros. definitely appreciate their fans & make sure everyone has a FUN time! Their Artist Spotlight Opening Reception will also be our launch party for the 7th Annual Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival happening Saturday, November 1st! Matt & Shawn Fillbach are presently doing some great comics for the NEW First Comics (which will also be available during their Opening Reception), some of said titles include: Captain Freebird, Lives, Tales of the S.S. Junky Star, and Frickin' Butt-Kickin' Zombie Ants! Some of you may be familiar with their Star Wars Clone Wars comics, Roadkill, & Maxwell Strangewell - they will have original art on display from these comics! Everyone who comes gets FREE comics from this years Halloween Comicfest selections (did I mention they're FREE!?!)! Bring your friends for GREAT art, GREAT artists, a guaranteed GREAT time (special time 2-8pm), FREE comics, & you probably want to bring a designated driver (grin)!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mark your calendars NOW for February 2015, that's the release date for Scott MCloud's FANTASTIC The Sculptor!!

This past Tuesday, I won the lottery by getting an advance copy of Scott McCloud's new graphic novel, The Sculptor, in the mail from publisher, First Second (thanks Gina Gagliano!)! It took everything within me to not drop everything I was doing an read this immediately. But as The Sculptor is 500 pages long and one of my most anticipated upcoming graphic novels (it doesn't come out until February!), I wanted to really savor it and give it the attention I'm sure it deserved. So yesterday afternoon I finally had a good block of time to devote to reading The Sculptor and I'm going to put on TWELVE hype hats and tell everyone who loves sequential art that The Sculptor gets my ABSOLUTE highest recommendations!! Scott McCloud is most known for his excellent Understanding Comics and his much beloved Zot!, and he's been working on The Sculptor for years. The Sculptor is about a struggling sculptor who is trying to get his breakthrough. Scott McCloud has poured all of his considerable artistic chops into The Sculptor, hell even if the story wasn't as fantastic as it is, it would be worth picking up just on the strength of the art on display. But the narrative and characters in The Sculptor are so perfectly developed, with intrigue, humor, and action of the highest order. The Sculptor also has great musings on love and death, time, friendship, and the meaning of art. Seriously, the only negative thing I have to say about The Sculptor is that it's not on sale until February so I have to wait until then to share this FANTASTIC , PERFECT graphic novel with you all! Alternate Reality Comics will have a HUGE PARTY in early February to celebrate the release of The Sculptor! Thank you, Scott McCloud for creating such a marvelous book!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday! 10/22/14 - Multiversity, Superman, Walking Dead edition!

 I'm going to let all of this week's gorgeous new releases speak for themselves because I'm still catching up with "chores" from being out of town all of last week. And I still have just about all of last weeks comics to read! I did read Edge of Spiderverse #5 this morning and it was a great story of a new Spidey character written by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way - we still have copies left, but I expect to sell out soon as word of mouth gets around on this!
 I missed all of you New Comic Wednesday (and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, etc. - grin) new comic friends while I was gone, so I'm looking forward to seeing you all!
And how about the first two episodes of this season's Walking Dead!?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday! 10/8/14 - Sabrina #1, Wytches #1, Batgirl NEW DIRECTION, Miracleman #12, Batman New Story Arc, Thanos, Sex Criminals edition!

 Sabrina #1, great new horror title set in the 1960s, inspired by the movie Rosemary's Baby, written by Afterlife With Archie author Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, with our first Alternate Reality Comics store variant!! Wytches, is a new Image comic by Scott Snyder & Jock and will definitely be one of the SMASH hits of the year! Second chapter of Moore & Totleben's Olympus Miracleman arc! New direction for Batgirl, Endgame starts in Batman, and Avengers & X-Men Axis starts!
 Sex Criminals! A new Thanos mini series!
A new Garth Ennis War Stories mini! A new DC weekly, World's End starts!