Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/22/15 - Neal Adams (!!) signing 4-7pm, GREAT looking week 3 Convergence titles, Black Vortex Omega, Black Hood edition!!

 THE Neal Adams, legendary artist supreme will be signing today from 4-7pm, come by pick up a print or twelve, and thank him for all the entertainment and great art he's done sine the late 1960s!
 This week's convergence titles look really fun (I wan't that impressed with most of last weeks)!

Just some of Neal Adams' prints! Call me at 702-736-3673 if you don't already know about today's signing!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/15/15 - SABRINA!! Bloodshot! Convergence! Thor! Archie VS. Predator edition!

This morning, before you pick up the fab comics out today and to reward you for completing your taxes (or assist you if you're still frantically finishing them!), TIABI (To Inspire and Be Inspired) Waffle and Coffee (over by Target on Maryland & Flamingo diagonally across from Alternate Reality  Comics) and Grouchy John's Coffee (on Maryland & Wigwam) is serving FREE coffee and a pastry! Grouchy John's is also going to be at our Free Comic Book Day event on Saturday, May 2nd!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday - BIG FUN Convergence minis start edition!!

 Okay, Convergence #0 didn't really start with a bang last week, I would have not have had the intro issue to this event just centering on Superman and Brainiac, but by the end of this week's Convergence #1, we see what's going on! And all of the ten first issues of the Convergence minis that came out this week have some entertainment within and all of them address what it's like to be in a domed city! My favorites were Harley Quinn,  Atom, Titans, Justice League, Speed Force, and Batgirl! After you red any of these, I'm confident that you'll be on board with what Convergence is doing!
 Darth Vader #4!
Deadpool dies!?!?!?! Ant Man! Spider Woman! Check out Rebels for some great American Revolution War story-telling! Walking Dead, Saga, and Jupiter's Circle are also out today! Face it tigers, you've hit the comic book jackpot!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/1/15 - Convergence, No Mercy, Uncanny Inhumans edition with added Victor Moya Artist Spotlight Opening Reception tonight!!

 Convergence starts today!! Art by Ethan Van Sciver! This looks like it has the making of turning Braniac into one of the very evilest of DC villains! Charles Soule & Steve McNiven on Uncanny Inhumans #000 (yes, that's the number, after these three photos, look for some info on my new club sheets for April, May, and June titles)! Carla Speed McNeil (Finder) is one of my favorite artists and she draws this week's new Image title, No Mercy! One of my other favorite artists, P. Craig Russell's Elric is back in print in a new handsome hardcover volume!
 Alan Davis' three part Avengers Ultron forever starts!
Second issue of Hickman's The Dying and The Dead (we all loved the first issue, right!?)!

So Marvel released their Marvel Previews for their June shipping titles this week (it was supposed to be out last week) and that means our club sheets for April, May, & June titles is ready to be filled out. This was probably my hardest club sheet that I've made in my 20 years of the store! So many changes, both with DC and Marvel, but with Marvel, there's waaaaaaaaay more questions than answers on what these titles are or what they're doing after Secret Wars (which looks to be going through September). I realize that theirs a lot of titles to choose from and this makes filling out the sheet for what titles you want overwhelming, but filling the club sheet does help me in not having to use the extra big dartboard when placing my orders trying to guess what people want. Here's the most info I've seen on the Secret Wars titles - google IGN Secret Wars titles.

Tonight!! Victor Moya's Artist Spotlight Opening Reception - hope a lot of you can make it, you won't be sorry! 5-8pm tonight, complimentary snacks, wine, and other beverages will be served too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 3/25/15 - We Can Never Go Home, Multiversity Ultra Comics, Wytches, Walking Dead edition!

 I can't decide what my favorite comic is this week, We Can Never Go Home Again or Mutiversity Ultra Comics - so I call a tie! We Can Never... is kind of like if the comics Stray Bullets and Deadly Class had a wonderful baby! This week's Multiversity is illustrated by Doug Mahnke and is an awesome meta / breaking the fourth wall story! This week's Walking Dead is really a beautiful issue and I'm not saying that ironically! Can't wait to read Darth Vader #3 with the introduction of some new characters!
 One week away for Convergence! Seriously, this looks like a lot of fun Ethan Van Sciver draws the #0 issue!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 3/18/15 - Silk #2, Princess Leia #2, Manhattans Project, Chrononauts #1, Moon Knight edition!

 Silk is rapidly becoming one of my favorite superhero comics! Two Terry Dodson drawn comics this week, Princess Leia and Red One!
 The new phase of Manhattan Projects debuts today! New Moon Knight creative team!
Mark Millar's new time traveling comic, Chronoauts, starts! Second fabulous, crazy, Deadly Class trade paperback!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 3/11/15 - The Surface, Howard the Duck, Spider-Gwen, Walking Dead, Thor edition!

 If you want to get your mind blown without resorting to popping pills, I highly recommend Ales Kot & Langdon Foss' new Image comic The Surface! Full of big ideas and beautiful art!
 Howard the Duck! Written by Sex Criminals artist, Chip Zdarsky!