Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy New comics Wednesday 6/22/16 - Scarlet Witch, Wonder Woman, Flash, Ellis Bond hardcover, Doctor strange, The Center Benefit / Pride Month Celebration this Saturday edition!!

 This month's Scarlet Witch, written by James Robinson, is illustrated by Annie Wu! Five new DC Rebirth installments - this DC universe restructuring is off to a REALLY great start and is selling much better than anyone thought these titles would!
 New Frontier softcover collection, if you've never read this Darwyn Cooke masterpiece, you're in for a treat!
We hope a lot of you can make it out to Alternate Reality Comics' benefit for The Center and all they do for the Vegas LGBTQ community this Saturday from 12-5pm - June is also Pride Month! We'll have raffles, with all of the raffle monies going to the Center, 20% of all sales proceeds will also be donated to the Center, and refreshments / snacks will be on hand as well!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 6/15/16 - all the comics, REALLY, all of the comics & great graphic novels edition!

SO much Batman today, and all GREAT, including Tom King's first Batman (Batman Rebirth #1 was Scott Snyder passing on the baton to Tom), a stand alone Joker issue of Dark Knight Returns, and the FANTASTIC Vertigo Batman graphic novel by Paul Dini that EVERYONE should read, it's a very powerful true story (plus it has GREAT art by Eduardo Risso)! A new issue of James Robinson's Squadron Supreme and the first trade collecting the first Robinson Squadron Supreme arc too! And a new Neil Gaiman graphic novel!
 Civil War II #2, this issue leads up to something really crazy that's supposed to happen in issue #3! Seriously, these three photos don't even touch the massive release that is Happy new Comics Wednesday 6/15/16 - time to finish putting the store together so I can get to reading them!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 6/8/16 - Vision, 5 new DC Rebirth titles, and J.H. Williams III & James Robinson signing / Vegas welcome from 4-7pm!!

 Hope everyone is enjoying DC's new direction with their DC Rebirth launches!

From 4-7pm today (Wednesday), James Robinson (Scarlet Witch, Squadron Supreme, Airboy) and J.H. Williams III (Sandman Overture, Promethea, Batwoman, Chase) will be signing any books they've written and drawn over the years! We hope a lot of you can make it out to welcome them to the Las Vegas comic book community! We'll also have Robinson & Williams III titles on sale during this event!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 5/18/16 - Squadron Supreme, Sabrina (!!), Civil War #0, Dept. H, Future Quest, Spider-Man, FREE Preacher #1 edition!!

 James Robinson writes some great character scenes in this newest issue of Squadron Supreme between both Nighthawks, Doctor Spectrum & Toro, Hyperion, and Black Bolt! Rebels and Unfollow collections!
 Gene Ha's first issue of Mae! Deadpool enters the Last days of Magic!?
 Lucifer! The penultimate chapter in the big story about what is happening to the New 52 Superman leading up to next week's DC rebirth #1 (80 pages for ONLY $2.99, how can you pass that up!?)!
The 90 minute Preacher AMC pilot airs this Sunday and we have FREE copies of Preacher #1 (definitely not an all ages title!)!
Next Tuesday night, party starts at 11pm, with the next phase of the DC universe, DC rebirth #1 (80 pages for ONLY $2.99!) going on sale at midnight along with all of the DC and Marvel titles for that week, including Superman #52 and Justice League #50, two BIG issues leading into DC rebirth! And FREE Ronald's Donuts!!