Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy New comics Wednesday 7/1/15 Secret Wars #5, We Stand On Guard (new Brian K. Vaughan title!), A Force #2, lots of Secret Wars titles edition & Will EglieArtist Spotlight Opening Reception / Oreo Socila from 4-8pm

 BIG title week this week, right!? After looking at these three photos of some of the titles coming out this week, there's details below on our Artist Spotlight / Oreo Social this afternoon (Wednesday, July 1st from 4-8pm)!

Artist Spotlight / Oreo Social details:

Will Egli is a local aspiring comic book inker who has inked some local comic book productions & enjoys working in watercolor & other mixed media! At his Artist Spotlight, Will will (grin) mostly have inked pieces on display & he'd love to talk to you & share his process. To add to the fun during Will's opening reception, we're going to have an Oreo cookie party, celebrating the many different Oreo cookies that exist! We hope you can make it to Will Egli's opening reception & enjoy Oreos while you do so!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 6/24/15 - Fight Club #2, Superman, Wytches tp, Walking Dead, E is For Extinction edition!!

 Fight Club 2 issue 2, and we got more of the first issue first printings in, this is crazy good! Have you been reading the new direction for Superman!? - It's really good! An affordable collection of the classic Howard the Duck comics, some of my very favorite all time comic stories!
 I haven't read E is For Extinction yet, but when you see the first couple of pages - WOW! The first collection of the GREAT new Ant-Man series!
Wytches, by Scott Snyder & Jock is one of our favorites here at Alternate Reality Comics, this is something very different indeed - and like most of Images first volumes, it's only $9.99! We also got more of the first issue of James Robinson's Airboy in - this is about as out there as you can imagine - think Hunter S. Thompson out there (seriously read the first couple of pages when you stop by!)!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 6/10/15 - 4 New DC Debuts, Saga, Walking Dead, New Secret Wars tie-ins, Tank Girl, Tick Batman edition!

Section Eight - Garth Ennis!! This new Constantine looks really good (the eight pager in one of the Convergence titles a few weeks ago was good), as does Starfire, and Earth 2 Society! We Can Never Go Home #3 and we do go home with a new Tank Girl series by the original creators!
Ms. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos - it has to be good just based on the title! Marvel Zombies was really good! Silk!!
The first full length Tick / Transformers Batman issue!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 5/26/15 - Sandman, Sabrina, Fight Club, Providence (Alan Moore), Old Man Logan, Infinity Gauntlet edition!!!

Wow, Sabrina, Sandman Overture, and a new Alan Moore title, Providence all in one week! And Fight Club!! And a new Ales Kot title, Material!
Infinity Gauntlet and Old Man Logan look really good, haven't even got a chance to peek at these other debut Secret wars titles!
The concluding week of Convergence!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 5//20/15 - Secret Wars side stories start in a BIG way! Debbie Daughetee Gates of Midnight signing!

Details about a signing we're having today below after the new comics Wednesday teases!

Six new Secret Wars related titles start today! Not to be talking in the hype mode, but these look like a lot of fun and look to be making an already big story even bigger!
 Star Wars! New issue of Optic Nerve! A great new Punisher series that's called Bloodshot (grin) has its second issue release today! A new Wytches!
Second issue of Archie Vs. Predator! This week's Loki is a big tie in issue to what's going on in Secret Wars!

Here's details on our signing we're having with Debbie Daughetee, writer / creator of Gates of Midnight today, May 20th, from 3-6pm!:

We have a new local treasure in Vegas, Debbie Smith Daughetee, the writer / creator of Gates of Midnight, a supernatural thriller featuring Raven Alice Moon, the central character, a former combat medic in Afghanistan, who now finds herself combating creatures from another world! Gates of Midnight has four issues out to date, is entirely created by women, is self published, & Debbie would love to introduce her comic to people who love strong female characters and stories where fantasy & the "real" world intersect! She'll have specially priced introductory copies of Gates of Midnight for sale so we at Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas! hope a lot of you will stop by for Debbie Daughetee's first comic store signing (she has done this year's Wondercon & C2E2 in Chicago)!