Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 5/18/16 - Squadron Supreme, Sabrina (!!), Civil War #0, Dept. H, Future Quest, Spider-Man, FREE Preacher #1 edition!!

 James Robinson writes some great character scenes in this newest issue of Squadron Supreme between both Nighthawks, Doctor Spectrum & Toro, Hyperion, and Black Bolt! Rebels and Unfollow collections!
 Gene Ha's first issue of Mae! Deadpool enters the Last days of Magic!?
 Lucifer! The penultimate chapter in the big story about what is happening to the New 52 Superman leading up to next week's DC rebirth #1 (80 pages for ONLY $2.99, how can you pass that up!?)!
The 90 minute Preacher AMC pilot airs this Sunday and we have FREE copies of Preacher #1 (definitely not an all ages title!)!
Next Tuesday night, party starts at 11pm, with the next phase of the DC universe, DC rebirth #1 (80 pages for ONLY $2.99!) going on sale at midnight along with all of the DC and Marvel titles for that week, including Superman #52 and Justice League #50, two BIG issues leading into DC rebirth! And FREE Ronald's Donuts!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 5/11/16 - Vision, The Fix, Darth Vader, Batman, Black Panther, Twilight Children TP, Batman / Turtles, & All New Avengers edition!

 How fantastic was Captain America: Civil War!? All the fantastic, right!? Same with this week's new comics selections! Thanks to everyone who came out to our Free Comics Day this past Saturday, hope you enjoyed your selections!
 This new Ultimates series has some really good thinking outside of the box writing!
The Batman / Turtles crossover concludes - it's been more fun that I would have guessed!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 5/4/16 - Scarlet Witch, Walking Dead, Empress, Punisher, Poe, & our Artist Spotlight Opening Reception featuring Sarah Fletcher's WILD art!!

 A bit of a breather week in terms of quantity of titles out today, but there's definitely a high degree of quality in the titles out today! And Free Comic Book Day this Saturday from 10-7pm! Check out the last photo here for an example of our Artist Spotlight artist this month, Sarah Fletcher's, sild style!

Opening Reception for Sarah Fletcher's Artist Spotlight is today from 4-7pm! Pretty out there, right!? I had seen a couple of examples of her art previously, but nothing suggested anything like this - seriously, she's got quite the imagination and fine line rendering going on! Hope a lot of you can make it out and give her LOTS of ego strokes!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/27/16 - James Robinson's Airboy now in a FABULOUS hardcover edition, & all of the BIG comics come out edition! Vegan bake sale by the Very Awesome Girls LV to benefit ONE Family Animal Sanctary this Saturday from 12-4pm!

 If you haven't read James Robinson's Airboy yet, well it's now in a gorgeous hardcover edition and it is something different indeed (I'm sure a lot of people who bought the individual comics will agree this hardcover is totally warranted)! I post this on Tuesday afternoon as I get the store ready for New Comics Wednesday and as there was SO many new titles it took me and Jim a long time to process the goods, so as of yesterday afternoon, I have read nothing yet (sob, sob). I expect to have gotten not much sleep before Wednesday reading all of what came out!
I hope a lot of you can make it this Saturday for the vegan bake sale by the Very Awesome Girls LV to benefit ONE Family Animal Sanctary this Saturday from 12-4pm!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/20/16 - Criminal, Lucifer, Obi-Wan, Thor edition!

 And we got more first printings of Black Panther #1 in! Batman Elseworlds collection! A really nice collection of the Morrison / Millar Flash issues they did!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/13/16 -C-3PO, Moon Knight, FREE DC Rebirth 96 page preview magazine edition!!

 DC is doing something different in a big way with their superhero comics line in June, read more about what they're doing in today's FREE 96 page Rebirth magazine!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/6/16 - Scarlet Witch, Vision, Walking Dead, Star Wars Poe, Black Panther, The Fix, Jean Marie Munroe's Artist Spotlight Opening Reception edition!

 SOOOOOO many great NEW comics!! As you can tell by these photos, that's not just hype speaking! Hope a lot of you can make it to Jean Marie Munson's Artist Spotlight Opening Reception at Alternate Reality Comics today (4/6/16), she's a GREAT local artist with a voice and style all her own! Jean will also be selling her comic Pushover at the event too!