Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 5/31/17 - James Robinson's Cable #1, Secret Empire #3 (how about that last page of #2!?),Saga, Kill Or Be Killed, details on our Wonder Woman Day on Saturday edition!!

Wonder Woman Week - hope you're all excited for the movie this weekend (I'm seeing it Sunday morning)! Details on our WW celebration below - bring everyone, whether you like them or not (grin)!

Saturday, June 3rd has been decreed Wonder Woman Day as it's said character's 75th anniversary & the new Wonder Woman movie debuts that weekend! We've got all kinds of WONDERful celebatory things going on that day including!: everyone who stops by gets a FREE Wonder Woman tiara & braclets (as seen in the above photo modeled by Jenna Seid, one of the DC marketing peeps), & a FREE Wonder Woman comic!! All of May, we've had a benefit for Nevada Pep, a local nonprofit org that assists families with children with mental health needs & our Wonder Woman Day is also going to be the culmination of our benefit drive with Nevada Pep. My Epstein store mascot artist (& artist of my website, business cards, store art), Ron Horsley, & myself have come up with a new member of the Alternate Reality Comics family of characters & we're debuting her on Wonder Woman Day as a full color limited print that everyone who donates to Nevada Pep that day (& those who have all ready donated) will receive as our thanks for FREE! Ron & I are REAL EXCITED to share our new character with everyone (her name is a secret until June 3rd!) & we think debuting her on our Wonder Woman Day / Nevada Pep benefit will be fun for everyone! And we've got MORE FUN planned for Wonder Woman Day, but I've taken up too much bandwith here on the internet already (grin), so stay tuned to this event page for more announcements! And from 11-3pm Hollie Green will be cosplaying as Wonder Woman, so bring your good cameras! And the Very awesome Girls LV will be helping out to make sure everyone has a WONDERful time!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 5/10/17 - Grand Passion, AD After Death, Wonder Woman, Detective, Action, X-Men Blue, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters edition!

 The art in My Favorite Things Is Monsters is GREAT, it looks like the story is pretty intense too!
 Zombies Assemble - Marvel manga style!
New Star Wars title!

Happy New Comics Wednesday 12/5/18 - John T. Gamble Artist Spotlight opening today! Doomsday Clock, Shazam (REALLY GOOD!), Green Lantern, Umbrella Academy, Di #1, Freeze #12, Prodigy #1, just LOTS of GREAT comics this week edition!!

 LOTS of great debuts this week, including Shazam #1 by Geoff Johns (I was worried about this one, but it totally surprised me, especially...