Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 3/30/16 - Fight Club & Batman and Robin Eternal conclusions, Darth Vader, Saga, new club sheet edition!

 Paper Girls & Faster Than Light first volume TP's for only $9.99! New manga series from the creator of Yotsuba!
 Double sized issue of Captain America: Sam Wilson with a stellar creative team contributing!

New club sign up sheet for April, May, and June titles, including the first month (June) of DC's Rebirth series!

Happy New Comics Wednesday 8/22/18 - comics all day & live music by Gunsafe & Kat Kalling at 7pm (FREE, all ages)!

 Great mix of new comics & graphic novels this week, right!? Please read the details on our in store live music presentation at 7pm to...