Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Comics Wednesday 7/29/14 - Sandman #3 (!!) & all of your other favorite huggable comics edition!

 Still catching up with things around the store from being gone at the BIG San Diego show for three days last week, so the only thing I've read thus far is Sandman Overture #3 (pardon me while I clean the saliva up from my chin - grin), but I know that we all have favorites from the ones sampled on these three photos!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nananananananna, Batman Day! He looks pretty good for 75, right!? Details about how you can have a Bat-tastic Day below & get this week's HUGE haul of NEW Comics Wednesday titles (Afterlife With Archie #6 is SOOOO good!)

 Afterlife #6 - we find out what happened to Sabrina after issue #1 and it's EPIC (seriously, I'm getting Alan Moore Swamp Thing chills reading this comic!)! Jughead dies in this issue of Life With Archie! Warren Ellis' new Image title, Supreme Blue Rose looks SO good! Second issue of Romita's Superman! Extra-sized conclusion to Zero Year!

 Doctors Ten and Eleven for my Doctor Who fans!
Wednesday, July 23rd is National Batman Day! We'll be starting off with the world famous FREE Ronald's Donuts (vegan), we'll have a FREE new edition of Detective Comics #27, A HUGE sale on Batman graphic novels (details of the sale will appear here late Tuesday night, & everyone who purchases a Batman graphic novel on this day will get one of four cool Batman masks FREE!), & we'll have raffles through 6pm for a VERY cool piece of original Batman art by a local artist, 4 Batman 75th anniversary capes, graphic novels, & gift certificates! And everyone who comes in a Batman related costume will get an extra sale discount on Batman graphic novels and a second mask!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Comics Wednesday (yes they arrived on Tuesday as they are supposed to!)! What happened to Archie edition!?

 So, I was doing some shelf tweaking / rearranging here at the store today / today (Tuesday) and didn't leave until just before 10pm. I've only read Original Sin so far ('twas good!), but I hope to stay up late and get through a lot of the SO many good titles that you see in these four photos (and some titles not in these photos!)! See you all on New Comics Wednesday!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Comics 4th of July week & Friday, 4th of July store hours!

 So here's three photos of some of the FABULOUS comics / graphic novels that came out this week (I didn't post this yesterday as we didn't get our shipment until Wednesday morning when we usually get them for processing on Tuesday morning, but at least they were still available on Wednesday, right?)

Friday, 4th of July, Alternate Reality Comics will be open from 10-2pm so please adjust your visit to my store accordingly (grin!). Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend and that you're enjoying your comics that you got this week or looking forward to some of the ones featured in these photos!