Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Comic Day Tuesday Edition (and next week too!) & Customer Appreciation Day - FREE Donuts & SPECIAL Sales!! And added attraction - NEW Club Sheet!

So today, Dec. 24th and next Tuesday are the rarest of days, the day when New Comic Wednesday becomes New Comic Tuesday and it's totally legal! There's only a handful of titles out today, but not having read them yet, let's hope it's a case of quality over quantity (grin)! It seems like we've been waiting a couple of extra weeks for the newest chapter of Forever Evil, this wait is DC's gift to us. And what is Origin II? In the first Origin years ago, we learned Wolverine's first name, which one of his names are we going to find out this time around (grin)!?

Donuts, FREE Ronald's Donuts, that's reason enough right there to come say hi, right? So what are the sales this sign is talking about!? One dollar and two dollar back issues are half off, and all other back issues are 20% off! Variant (excluding todays) are also half off! And our ten dollar graphic novels are buy three for $25.00!!

And yesterday I whipped up the new club sheet sign up for titles coming out in January, February, and March, and I'm going to be sad for any bubbles with the initials MM that aren't filled in (grin)!

And what is this Wolverine image below!?
This is a package of prints that a fine customer who works at a local movie theater gave me to give out to some good homes! So the first 50 people who buy Origin II will get one of these prints for FREE (and even if you didn't like the movie, which I LOVED, you have to agree this is a striking image and it's one high quality stock)!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Comics Wednesday 12/18/13 - Can you say BIG week!? Also a note about next two weeks new comic days (Tuesday!)...

The comic I'd be most looking forward to reading this week if I didn't already read it in PDF form courtesy of the creator, Larime Taylor, is A Voice in the Dark #2! But I love getting to see the physical version. This is one of my favorite new series of the year, if you haven't checked it out yet, we still have some copies of the first issue left! And I'll have some exciting news about this title and its creator, Larime Taylor very shortly, so stay tuned here and on the Alternate Reality Comics facebook page!

Did I mention that there's a LOT of comics this week!? Well there are, as publishers rush to get them out before the year closes, including a new Image title called The Saviors written by James Robinson and a new title called Harley Quinn, whatever that is (grin)!
In addition to all the new comic periodicals we got in this week, Alternate Reality Comics' 20% off sale on graphic novels / trade paperbacks is continuing until Dec. 31st, so I'm thinking this is a great time to get that special book for that someone special in your life and or yourself! And we got some more classic Marvel graphic novels in our ten dollar sections!
Here's some early info on when you can get new comics Christmas and New Years Weeks: New Comic Wednesday will become New Comic Tuesday for those weeks, meaning you can be the first o your block to pick up the new comics on Tuesday, Dec. 24th from 10-6pm and Tuesday, Dec. 31st from 10-6pm (as George noticed last night, I need to change the above sign in my store to Tuesday, not Wednesday - I'm just so used to the Wednesday thang!)! And on Dec. 24th, we're having an extra special customer appreciation day with FREE Ronald's Donuts, free beverages, and sales, sales, SALES!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy New Comics Wednesday 12/11/13 - & Saturday, Very Awesome Girls LV Holiday Craft Sale Benefit for Child's Haven!

 I hope everyone can make it to Saturday's Very Awesome Girls LV Holiday Craft Sale event from 12-4pm which benefits Peggy's Attic / Child Haven. Anyone who has been to a Very Awesome Girls event knows they're in for a GREAT time - and if you're new to this uber fun group of gals and the community involvement things they do for the community, well Saturday, Dec. 14 at Alternate Reality Comics is the place to be! Details below after the new comics hype, bring friends!

Big Batman Zero Year day (well every Batman by Snyder & Capullo is a big day!)! A new Justice League title, Justice League 3000 by Keith giffen & Howard Porter! And the two main Justice League titles are out as well with Forever evil tie-ins!
 Back in print: a new trade collection of Starlin's Thanos Infinity Abyss! And all of Fraction & Brubaker's Iron Fist is now in one handy BIG collection! New issues of Mighty Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine & the X-Men are out and we got our missing copies of last week's Guardians of the Galaxy and Uncanny Avengers in (two REALLY big things happen in this issue of UA!)!
Something that happened in the newest Walking Dead made me sad. Reading the new issue of Lazarus should cheer me up! There's also a new Image debut from Justin Jordan (Luthor Strode) out and it looks like a great revenge story! A new Doc Savage comic, a seasonal comic, Krampus, and the first volume of the crazy new series, Sheltered are also some of the titles vying for your affections!

Here's the promised details of the Very Awesome Girls LV's Holiday Craftaganza Benefitting Peggy's Attic / Child Haven at Alternate Reality Comics this Saturday, Dec. 14th from 12-4pm (we're going to have raffles for some great prizes - details below - and the craft items that the gals are making have great low prices and make great decor for your crib and gifts!):

Need nerdy ornaments for the tree? Last minute gifts? Well you're in luck!

Come on down to Alternate Reality Comics on Saturday, December 14th from 12-4 for our Holiday Craft Sale! Proceeds from this event will benefit Peggy's Attic. They are the donation center for Clark County Dept of Family Services. They provide toiletries, clothes, toys and much more to children in the Family Court system.

Their wishlist of items can be found here: http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/depts/family_services/Pages/Donations.aspx

For every item you bring from the wishlist, you will receive a raffle ticket for one of the many prize packs we have. You can also buy tickets & those proceeds will go to Peggy's Attic as well! Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas! will also have raffle prizes, including an original piece of art drawn by great local artist, Donovan Petersen (character of your choice), two $50.00 gift cards to Alternate, a Doctor Who Yahtzee, & assorted graphic novels - you'll receive a raffle ticket for every item donated or one for every five dollars donated!

So mark your calendars for Dec 14th! We hope to see you come out for a fun event that gives back to your community! And you get to visit with the Very Awesome Girls LV & see their new tattoos of their logo designed by The Ninjabot!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy New Comic wednesday 12/4/13 - Kirby does Deadpool & Murbina's Artist Spotlight opening reception tonight!

So Jack Kirby doesn't really draw Deadpool this week, but artist, Scott Koblish does a great job apeing Kirby's style - this issue looks like a lot of fun! Second issues of Velvet and Amazing X-Men today and the second issue of Aaron Kuder's Action Comics is out too! The Ghosted trade is new  and it's only $9.99!
You like Matt Fraction's Sex Criminals and Hawkeye, right - well his one shot Inhumanity is out today with artist Oliver Copiel, so you my want to check that out! Avengers Christmas Annual, the Deadpool Kills Deadpool trade, and the fifth Alan Moore Swamp Thing collection (featuring the epic story where Batman confronts Swampy for taking over Gotham, drawn by John Totleben!), and another Young Avengers has also landed!
Garth Ennis has a new comic out, Red Rover Charlie, in which the central characters are dogs in a world wear people are killing themselves and the world has gone to a kind of hell for some unknown reason. JMS writes the new Terminator Salvation and Mignola's last issue of Hellboy in Hell is finally out!
The above piece of cool, eeriely beautiful artis by our Artist Spotlight artist, Murbina! The opening reception is tonight from 5-8pm, bring friends, there's a lot of great art on display (and for sale, prints too!)! Here's some more details:

Alternate Reality Comics is elated to host local artist Murbina & several of her colorful, mostly horror-themed pieces as our Artist Spotlight December artist! Murbina has exhibited at events at the Bellagio, Venice Beach Art Walks, BlackBird Studios, & at the Day of the Dead Festival at the Springs Preserves the past three years! We'll have our complimentary snacks, wine, and other beverages, in addition to the beer that Murbina's bringing to the opening reception, so make sure you bring a designated driver (grin!) to allow yourself to do some liberal sampling of the complimentary adult beverages as you visit with Murbina & her art! Check out Murbina Creative Studios for a sneak peek of what her Artist Spotlight will be like!