Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Comic Day Tuesday Edition (and next week too!) & Customer Appreciation Day - FREE Donuts & SPECIAL Sales!! And added attraction - NEW Club Sheet!

So today, Dec. 24th and next Tuesday are the rarest of days, the day when New Comic Wednesday becomes New Comic Tuesday and it's totally legal! There's only a handful of titles out today, but not having read them yet, let's hope it's a case of quality over quantity (grin)! It seems like we've been waiting a couple of extra weeks for the newest chapter of Forever Evil, this wait is DC's gift to us. And what is Origin II? In the first Origin years ago, we learned Wolverine's first name, which one of his names are we going to find out this time around (grin)!?

Donuts, FREE Ronald's Donuts, that's reason enough right there to come say hi, right? So what are the sales this sign is talking about!? One dollar and two dollar back issues are half off, and all other back issues are 20% off! Variant (excluding todays) are also half off! And our ten dollar graphic novels are buy three for $25.00!!

And yesterday I whipped up the new club sheet sign up for titles coming out in January, February, and March, and I'm going to be sad for any bubbles with the initials MM that aren't filled in (grin)!

And what is this Wolverine image below!?
This is a package of prints that a fine customer who works at a local movie theater gave me to give out to some good homes! So the first 50 people who buy Origin II will get one of these prints for FREE (and even if you didn't like the movie, which I LOVED, you have to agree this is a striking image and it's one high quality stock)!

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