Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 8/31/16 - Afterlife With Archie, Saga, East of West All New Wolverine Annual, Spider-Man edition!

 How do Josie and the Pussycats figure into what's happening into the zombie landscape of Afterlife!? This extra sized issue has the crazy details!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Happy New comics Wednesday - Squadron Supreme, Batman, Kill Or Be Killed, Harley and Suicide Squad Rebirth #1s, & our August Artist Spotlight opening Harly / Suicide Squad Group Show edition!!

Big battle issue of Squadron Supreme! Crazy twist in Batman #4! New FANTASTIC first issue of Brubaker & Phillips' Kill Or Be Killed! Please see details for our opening reception of our August Artist Spotlight below!
A special issue of Alter Ego featuring David Siegel and all he's done over the years getting Golden and Silver Age comic greats to the San Diego Comic-Con!
 Walking Dead starts a MAJOR new story arc! Echo is back in this week's Daredevil Annual - haven't seen her in a while, right!?
The above painting is by Vegas' Joyce Hedelund! See this and many other Harley and Suicide Squad local art creations Wednesday afternoon (4-7pm):

Attention local Vegas artists (deadline for turning in art is over, but we hope you can stop by and see what Vegas local artists have whipped up!)! August is Suicide Squad month at Alternate Reality Comics as the movie is debuting as well as the new Suicide Squad DC Rebirth comic series! So we're having a group showcase featuring YOU - local artists of Vegas with your art featuring Harley Quinn, one of the other members of the team, or the whole Suicide Squad line up! Deadline for turning in ready to hang / display art (meaning must be framed with place for nail to hook upon) is Friday, July 29th at 6pm so that we can have the art hung for the Opening Reception, Wednesday, August 3rd! One piece per artist please, we will consider more than one piece if space allows and can be done in any artistic medium, but no larger than 2 feet by 2 feet - larger pieces will be considered as space permits (money from sales of art pieces goes directly to the artist).