Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Happy New Comic Wednesday 9/20/17 - Batman Red Death, Batman, Super Sons, Black Hammer, Signing with creators of Buried: Last Days of Mankind; Raphael Duarte (all the way from Brazil!) & Ron C. Williams!

 Digging Metal so far!? Well this week sees the release of Batman Red Death a great ones shot that REALLY ramps things up! Also everyone who buys Batman Red Death will get a cool free button related to this! And while supplies last we have free Marvel Spotlights showing some pages from some of the new story lines happening in Marvel titles starting in October! Please check out info on our signing this afternoon below and we hope a lot of you can make it!

 5-7pm Wednesday, Sept. 20th to meet writer / creator Raphael Duarte and artist Ron C. Williams! They will happily talk to you about their new comic Buried: The Last Days of Mankind!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 9/6/17 edition! Ron C. Williams Artist Spotlight Opening Reception from 4-7pm!

 Check out the photo below for a taste of Ron C. Williams art that we will be spotlighting today starting at 4pm (and he's got crazy low prices for his originals)!

Happy New Comics Wednesday 12/5/18 - John T. Gamble Artist Spotlight opening today! Doomsday Clock, Shazam (REALLY GOOD!), Green Lantern, Umbrella Academy, Di #1, Freeze #12, Prodigy #1, just LOTS of GREAT comics this week edition!!

 LOTS of great debuts this week, including Shazam #1 by Geoff Johns (I was worried about this one, but it totally surprised me, especially...