Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - a new Warren Ellis title - Trees! Mark Waid's Dr. Spektor! Last issue of Nightwing!

Trees is an alien invasion story by Warren Ellis, published by Image, and it's another Ellis great first issue! When I first heard that Josh Howard was the artist for this title, I thought this would be a misfit, but color me red, as the art is fantastic! Another interesting first issue out today is Dr. Spektor, by Mark Waid, this could be a title to watch! Deadly Class and Southern Bastards have new issues out and that's always cause for celebration! The Sandman Overture on the top right here in this photo is the directors cut version, meaning you'll get to see all the behind the scenes aspects of Sandman Overture #1 (and don't you just love that cover!?)!
MS. Marvel - a BIG favorite around these parts! And two James Robinson written comics in one week - All New Invaders and a BIG issue of Fantastic Four!
Everyone knows this is the last issue of Nightwing, right and that you read it right after last week's Forever Evil (of which we still have copies)!? I'm here to say that it was a really good ending and beginning for Dick Grayson! Hope to see many of your happy faces in comicland!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - the publishers thought this was All Of The Comics Release Day!!

Yes, all of the comics that are being published by all of the publishers came out today (well I'm exaggerating a little) as you can see from these four photos (and that's not even all of them!)! And so many of them are BIG titles!
Sadly, the only one I've read so far is Original Sin #2 (as you can see we still have some copies of Original Sin #1 left for the handful of people who didn't get the first issue a couple of weeks ago) - it's as great as the first issue was!
Many of you may have seen that the creative teams and many more of DC's 3D Septembers covers are online as of this past Friday. This yellow sheet is the sign up for these September titles, so don't let what happened last September happen again. We'll point you in the right direction of where to see these covers and the creative teams when you stop by Alternate Reality Comics today or in the next few days. Orders for these titles are due next Wednesday, May 28th!

More comics! Which ones are you most looking forward to reading? I'm going to read Miracleman #6 and go to bed (I'm writing this Tuesday night) See you on the flip side fellow sequential art lovers!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - Afterlife With Archie, Walking Dead, This One Summer, Andre The Giant! And an important note about DC's September comics!

There is so much greatness on this display above! A great ending to the first arc of Afterlife With Archie! Double-sized Walking Dead for the same low price as always! This issue features a new direction for this series and I think it recharges this title really nicely! This One Summer is my favorite graphic novel this year thus far! A wonderful coming of age story about two girls who meet every summer, the art is full of great leisurely moments, lots of space and motion, just a great book all around!Andre The Giant - you've probably not seen this side of this wrestler!
I can't believe how much I'm enjoying Nightcrawler! This is Chris Claremont and artist Todd Nauck having a fun time, there's even three new "villains" with cool German names! I haven't read Deadly Hands of Kung Fu yet, truthfully I'm a little worried because there's no way that it can be as good as Doug Moench's Shang Chi and all of the great artists he had working with him back in the day (a long, long time ago)!
So Doomed starts this week, which is a big Doomsday story crossing over in just about all of the Superman titles, with three chapters this week. I've never been a big Doomsday fan, so I was surprised with how much I liked all three of these chapters - the start of a really big story, with a very interesting twist, some great big art sequences - I think most people that read these three Superman Doomsday chapters this week will be on board for the whole story! Batman Eternal and Future's End were both entertaining chapters of their respective storylines, especially with Trevor McCarthy's art in Batman Eternal! I haven't read Bee and Puupycat yet, but it looks really cute!

DC September comics note time: see the yellow sheet above? This is our sign up sheet for DC comics coming out in September. They're going to be Future's End oneshots, with a kind of holographic lenticular cover. You hold the comic one way and you see that character's current costume / look and you hold it another way and you see that character's future costume / look. They will be similar to last September's 3D covers in that DC needs to get orders on these more in advance because of the added time to produce these covers. Retailer's orders are due on May 28th for these, and to guarantee that we don't get allocated, you're going to have to sign up early for them because there will be no reorders. People could also choose the 2D versions of these oneshots which will be one dollar less that the fancy versions. There won't be any regular DC comics for September, other than Batman Eternal and Future's End, so if you want any of the titles on the above sheet, you have until May 28th to turn in this form at Alternate Reality Comics!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - Original Sin #1 ALL DAY FREE Ronald's DONUTS!, Miracleman, Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #1, & so much more!!

I'm going to largely let these three photos speak for themselves, because I still have to read most of these gems as I was busy with bringing the store back up to speed from an AWESOME Free Comic Book day 2014! Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday, you're the most important ingredient that made the day everyone it was!
You'll notice that Original Sin #1 is in all three of these photos - yes, it's that good!! In addition to FREE Ronald's Donuts today, we also have Skottie Young lithos and rubbery eyeballs! Not pictured in these three photos until I noticed its absence and put it on the front rack is the first issue of Future's End, which I'm looking forward to reading as I enjoyed the #0 issue! Loki's also out today as well as Swamp Thing, Punisher, Alex + Ada, Fairest, Caliban, Teen Titans Annual, Black Widow, Earth 2, and the second issue of Dead Letters (we got in the second print of the first issue today too)!
If you haven't already seen this sign on the yellow sheet on the top left of this rack, basically we're having a raffle to help A Voice In The Dark creator, Larime Taylor and his wife move to Vegas from California. There's some great prizes here, with the first place prize being your chance to be a minor character in an upcoming story arc! Larime and his wife are both handicapped and this move which puts him closer to his family support system (his parents and brother live in Vegas already) so any small raffle ticket donation you can assist with would be greatly appreciated!