Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - the publishers thought this was All Of The Comics Release Day!!

Yes, all of the comics that are being published by all of the publishers came out today (well I'm exaggerating a little) as you can see from these four photos (and that's not even all of them!)! And so many of them are BIG titles!
Sadly, the only one I've read so far is Original Sin #2 (as you can see we still have some copies of Original Sin #1 left for the handful of people who didn't get the first issue a couple of weeks ago) - it's as great as the first issue was!
Many of you may have seen that the creative teams and many more of DC's 3D Septembers covers are online as of this past Friday. This yellow sheet is the sign up for these September titles, so don't let what happened last September happen again. We'll point you in the right direction of where to see these covers and the creative teams when you stop by Alternate Reality Comics today or in the next few days. Orders for these titles are due next Wednesday, May 28th!

More comics! Which ones are you most looking forward to reading? I'm going to read Miracleman #6 and go to bed (I'm writing this Tuesday night) See you on the flip side fellow sequential art lovers!

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