Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - Original Sin #1 ALL DAY FREE Ronald's DONUTS!, Miracleman, Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #1, & so much more!!

I'm going to largely let these three photos speak for themselves, because I still have to read most of these gems as I was busy with bringing the store back up to speed from an AWESOME Free Comic Book day 2014! Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday, you're the most important ingredient that made the day everyone it was!
You'll notice that Original Sin #1 is in all three of these photos - yes, it's that good!! In addition to FREE Ronald's Donuts today, we also have Skottie Young lithos and rubbery eyeballs! Not pictured in these three photos until I noticed its absence and put it on the front rack is the first issue of Future's End, which I'm looking forward to reading as I enjoyed the #0 issue! Loki's also out today as well as Swamp Thing, Punisher, Alex + Ada, Fairest, Caliban, Teen Titans Annual, Black Widow, Earth 2, and the second issue of Dead Letters (we got in the second print of the first issue today too)!
If you haven't already seen this sign on the yellow sheet on the top left of this rack, basically we're having a raffle to help A Voice In The Dark creator, Larime Taylor and his wife move to Vegas from California. There's some great prizes here, with the first place prize being your chance to be a minor character in an upcoming story arc! Larime and his wife are both handicapped and this move which puts him closer to his family support system (his parents and brother live in Vegas already) so any small raffle ticket donation you can assist with would be greatly appreciated!

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