Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 12/13/17 - Mister Miracle, Wonder Woman, Coyotes, Port of Earth, Star Wars, Fighting American, Daredevil edition!

 Mister Miracle & Wonder Woman are especially good this week!! Looking forward to reading the second issues of Coyotes and Port of earth (we still have the first issues of these titles!)!

And remember, through Dec. 24th, all of our graphic novels are 20% off!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 12/6/17 - Batman, Superman, BIG DC Holiday Special with 11 new stories including one by Tom King!, Walking Dead, Captain America, Larime & Sylv Taylor Artist Spotlight Opening Reception edition!

 Check out details below these photos for our December Artist Spotlight featuring the art of Larime & Sylv Taylor Opening Reception!

Wednesday (today) from 4-7pm!

Larime & Sylv Taylor are two of the best artists living in Las Vegas and we here at Alternate Reality Comics want to increase the awareness of their art and introduce them to a wider audience! Some of you may know Larime's art from A Voice In The Dark, a series he did for Top Cow / Image, with cover colors by Sylv. For this December Artist Spotlight, Larime will have art from this series on display as well as some new art he's been working on of Vegas icons (like Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin) and art of the characters from the Netflix show, Stranger Things. This will also be the debut of Sylv's color work in a gallery setting! Original art and prints will be available with all monies going to the artists. We hope a lot of you can make it out to Larime & Sylv Taylor's opening to share comments on their art, visit with them, and just share the love of local art with fellow Vegas art lovers!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/29/17 - Batman Annual (HUGE issue!!), Moon Knight, new Ito horror!, Old Man Logan, Sword of Ages edition!

 Stay away from spoilers online pertaining to Batman Annual #2, Tom King, Lee Weeks, and Michael Lark knock this story about Batman and Catwoman out of the park! If you didn't get Doomsday Clock #1 last week, we still have first prints left - you've heard how great this is, right!? It's all true!
 These Bizarro collections by alternative comic creators is fantastic, we got more in and they're 20% off as are all of our graphic novels through Dec. 24th to make it easier to share favorites with loved ones and or yourself!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy New Comics WEDNESDAY 11/22/17 - you'll remember this day as THE day you got Doomsday Clock #1 - SO GREAT edition!

 Yes, there's a good selection of other comics out today, but today's the day Doomsday Clock #1 debuts so this is getting the HUGE spotlight it deserves!
 A new issue of James Robinson's Wonder woman and the collected volume of his fantastic recent Nick Fury run!
I am writing this entry at 5:30pm Tuesday night, hours before the 11:57pm special on sale time for Doomsday Clock #1, so it's probably pretty doubtful that these cookies I had Vegan Bites (on Eastern & Pebble) make will still be around for Wednesday peeps!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/8/17 - New Chuck Palahniuk (signed!), Wonder Woman, Action, Detective, Batman Lost (Metal tie in), Coyotes, Jay Savage Artist Spotlight Opening Reception edition!

 All of Or Legacy, the new novelette by Chuck Palahniuk, are signed! Coyotes is a great new Image title! Please check out our info below for Jay Savage's Artist Spotlight Opening Reception tonight, he's got some cool different things going on in addition to his great art!
 The new Moon Knight is definitely worth checking out! 25th anniversary Wildstorm hardcover!
Jay Savage, during his Artist Spotlight Opening Reception today from 4-7pm, will be giving everyone who comes out a FREE 11x17 print and he's having a benefit raffle for Heartfelt Heroes, raffle tickets are only one dollar and the winner gets an original art piece by Jay Savage (your choice of character)! People can buy raffle tickets through the end of November and all of the proceeds go to Lara Duffin's nonprofit org Heartfelt Heroes in which she and some of her friends cosplay and visit local childrens hospitals (and she gives the kids free comics and other fun stuff to make their hospital stay a little less scary).

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 10/18/17 - Batman #33 is SO freaking good!! Batman The Drowned, Superman, Green arrow, Thor #700!! Kid Lobotomy edition!!

 Batman #33, I was not expecting this issue to be as great as it is, but it perfectly plays off of what happened at the end of #32, I can't begin to guess where Tom King is going with this HUGE development he's introduced to the Batman lore, but reading this issue I now know he's really got this planned out!
 Death of Thor (Jane Foster) part one (sob, sob), in Thor #700, with a stellar line up of artists!
 Kill Or Be Killed - love this comic so much!
 This photo above and the four below are to see who actually pays attention to my Wednesday posts (and thanks to those of you who do and are patrons / friends of Alternate Reality Comics!)! Don't you just LOVE looking at these time capsules!?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 10/11/17 - James Robinson's second issue of Wonder Woman, 3rd Metal and Mister Miracle, Action, hardcover Button collection, Dying & The Dead, Deadpool, Defenders, SPECIAL guest Brian Haberlin today from 5-7pm (Anomaly, Faster Than Light) edition!

 Please see details of our Brian Haberlin signing today from 5-7pm below (hope a lot of you can make it, he's a great artist and storyteller, great person, and does some crazy Augmented Reality thangs with smart phone apps that he will be demonstrating!) after these photos of just SOME of the glorious comics coming out today! And I'm calling Fighting American one of the sleeper hits of the year - money back guarantee!

Details of our Brian Haberlin signing:

We are elated to be the kick off of Brian Haberlin's tour celebrating the release of Anomaly 2, the gorgeous huge follow up to Anomaly! Brian also recently did another great sci fi series for Image titled Faster Than Light and he's written / illustrated numerous comics including Spawn and Witchblade. Brian's Anomaly and Faster Than Light can be fully enjoyed for the great graphic novels they are, but they also employ a smart phone app Brian calls Augumented Reality which makes several pages POP with 3D hoographic effects - this has to be seen to be believed and Brian will have demos of this and giveaways! He will gladly sign any comics / graphic novels you have by him and we'll hav titles of his for sale too! Let's give Brian a BIG Las Vegas welcome on Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 10/4/17 - Big Batman THE ansewr issue, Metal's Batman Dawnbreaker (fantastic art by Ethan Van Scriver!), Marvel's next phase starts!, Gregory Dees Artist Spotlight Opening Reception edition!

 Walking Dead and the Here's Negan hardcover!

Great Marvel jumping on story arcs!

Today from 4-7pm, come on by for our October Artist Spotlight Opening Reception featuring the fun art of Gregory Dees - he's go some 50 pieces on display!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Happy New Comic Wednesday 9/20/17 - Batman Red Death, Batman, Super Sons, Black Hammer, Signing with creators of Buried: Last Days of Mankind; Raphael Duarte (all the way from Brazil!) & Ron C. Williams!

 Digging Metal so far!? Well this week sees the release of Batman Red Death a great ones shot that REALLY ramps things up! Also everyone who buys Batman Red Death will get a cool free button related to this! And while supplies last we have free Marvel Spotlights showing some pages from some of the new story lines happening in Marvel titles starting in October! Please check out info on our signing this afternoon below and we hope a lot of you can make it!

 5-7pm Wednesday, Sept. 20th to meet writer / creator Raphael Duarte and artist Ron C. Williams! They will happily talk to you about their new comic Buried: The Last Days of Mankind!