Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/26/17 -Flash #21 (second part of The Button, it's GREAT!), Doom Patrol, Kill Or Be Killed, Thanos, X-Men, Wonder Woman edition!

 Flash #21! No spoilers following: Batman #21 was really exciting, right!? Well the story picks up in this week's Flash in The Button part two! Even if you don't normally get Flash, I'm here to say you HAVE to get this issue and Flash #22 in two weeks (the conclusion of this four-part story that advances plot teases from last year's DC 80 page Rebirth in huge ways)! Seriously, you WILL be glad to get Flash #21 this week (and we still have last week's Batman left that is selling out in a lot of stores!)!
 I hope all of you Vegas artists are finishing up your Guardians of the Galaxy art for our group Artist Spotlight show in May!! Art is due Sunday, April 30th and the opening reception is Wed. May 3rd!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/19/17 - James Robinson signing Nick Fury #1 @ 6pm!!, Batman #21 - the start of THE BIG STORY!!, Secret Empire #0 Hail Nick Fury (he's not in this event yet, but I'm on his side!), Soupy Leaves Home edition!!

 Yes, you've heard it before, how this or that event series will change the future of this or that universe forever, but based on having read Secret Empire #0 (and some other related things I've read) I can't see how this can't change the landscape of the Marvel Universe going forward! And this week's Captain America #16 is VERY connected to Secret Empire #0!
 Wait until you see what Aco is doing with his art in Nick Fury #1! You already know the writing by James Robinson will be great! Soupy Goes Home is a beautifully sad graphic novel Depression-era hobo story bu Cecil Castellucci (Shade the Changing Girl) and artist Jose Pimienta!
 Remember last years DC Universe Rebirth 80 page comic that teased some Watchmen connections within the regular DC Universe? This week's Batman #21 starts a four part crossover with Flash that advances that story (The Button)!
James Robinson, writer of Nick Fury #1 and many other fabulous comics, will be happy to sign your Nick Fury #1 and any of the other comics and graphic novels you have that he has written! The signing starts at 6pm, not 5pm as the above sign says, but James will stay until every book you have is signed!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Happy New Comicsd Wednesday 3/29/17 - James Robinson's Grand Passion, A new Jughead horror oneshot, Dark Knight III, X-Men Prime & FREE X Preview comic!, and new clubsheet edition!

 X-Men Prime is a great set up for the soon to launch new X titles! And while supplies last, get a FREE copy of ResurrXion spotlight that has preview pages of upcoming X titles!! And the April, May, and June club sheet is ready for sign ups - lots of great new titles starting in April!
 This week is light on the DC side (that's what happens with five week Wednesdays), but there's four cool DC / Hanna Barbara mash-up oneshots out to tide you over until next week's first chapter of the BIG BIG BIG Batman & Flash crossover The Button!!
Black Hammer trade, one of our FAVORITES!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 3/8/17- Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys (seriously it's THAT good!) & I'm sure some other good comics edition!

 I'm going to run out of the first issue of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys real quick (I didn't know how good this was when I ordered it and wasn't familiar with the creative team), but I have more copies confirmed on reorder!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 3/1/17 - GREAT new Vertigo title - Savage Things, NEW Jeff Lemire Image title - Royal City, BIG new story arc starts in Superman, Shelby Schroeder Artist Spotlight Opening Reception, Clexacon at Ballys this weekend, NEW Pops edition!

 Lots of great diverse new comics out today! Hope a lot of you can make it to Shelby Schroeder's Artist Spotlight Opening Reception from 4-7pm today (FREE snacks & soft drinks!)! Friday-Sunday, the first Vegas Clexacon will be happening at Ballys! Check out their site: www.clexacon.com and check out Groupon for some savings on tickets - Alternate Reality Comics will have a booth, hope to see some of you there (please spread the word about this show)!
A sample of Shelby's art on display!
Brand spanking new Iron Fist, Luke Cage, an Black Bolt Pops!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 1/30/17 - new Walking Dead (only 25cents!!), Francavilla writes & draws The Spirit, Batman, Monsters Unleashed, & David Quiles' Artist Spotlight Opening Reception from 4-7pm!

 Lovely, lovely, magical comics, right!? After these three photos showing some of the new comics hitting today, take a look at the forth photo, a preview of new local artist, David Quiles' art that will be on display during his Artist Spotlight Opening Reception from 4-7pm (we'll have complimentary snacks, and beverages of the adult & non adult variety - grin, while you lavish ego strokes upon David and give him a proper welcome to the Vegas art community!)!

Both of these pieces above are part of larger pieces of art that stretches across the entire span of this wall! David Quiles sells his originals, but he also has SUPER CRAZY LOW priced prints!!

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/26/17 -Flash #21 (second part of The Button, it's GREAT!), Doom Patrol, Kill Or Be Killed, Thanos, X-Men, Wonder Woman edition!

 Flash #21! No spoilers following: Batman #21 was really exciting, right!? Well the story picks up in this week's Flash in The Button...