Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/8/17 - New Chuck Palahniuk (signed!), Wonder Woman, Action, Detective, Batman Lost (Metal tie in), Coyotes, Jay Savage Artist Spotlight Opening Reception edition!

 All of Or Legacy, the new novelette by Chuck Palahniuk, are signed! Coyotes is a great new Image title! Please check out our info below for Jay Savage's Artist Spotlight Opening Reception tonight, he's got some cool different things going on in addition to his great art!
 The new Moon Knight is definitely worth checking out! 25th anniversary Wildstorm hardcover!
Jay Savage, during his Artist Spotlight Opening Reception today from 4-7pm, will be giving everyone who comes out a FREE 11x17 print and he's having a benefit raffle for Heartfelt Heroes, raffle tickets are only one dollar and the winner gets an original art piece by Jay Savage (your choice of character)! People can buy raffle tickets through the end of November and all of the proceeds go to Lara Duffin's nonprofit org Heartfelt Heroes in which she and some of her friends cosplay and visit local childrens hospitals (and she gives the kids free comics and other fun stuff to make their hospital stay a little less scary).

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