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Before Watchmen Nite Owl #1 - Another HUGE WOW!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 27th, the first issue of J. Michael Stracznski and Andy Kubert and Joe Kubert's Before Watchmen Nite Owl #1 will adorn the racks of Alternate Reality Comics (and finer comic book stores everywhere)! For some strange reason, Nite Owl was the Before Watchmen that I was least looking forward to, but right away at page one, J. Michael Stracznski, shows that he thoroughly knows this character (and other Watchmen characters who appear within the first issue) and his love for Moore and Gibbon's Watchmen shines through on every page. This is definitely a textbook example of how to write a first issue that will have everyone who reads it coming back for the remaining three issues! The real star on Before Watchmen Nite Owl #1 for me is Joe Kubert, who inks his son, Andy Kubert's pencils. Not to disrespect Andy Kubert's artistic talents, but I've always favored Papa Joe Kubert's art, so I was happy to see that Nite Owl #1 totally looks like a J…

Arizona Artists Event, next Saturday, June 30th!

Next Saturday June 30th, here at Alternate Reality Comics, from 3-7pm, we'll be hosting several great artists from Arizona, along with Las Vegas' Queen of Cosplay, Brieanna Brock (who's also a designer, model, coordinator and MC of many local events)! During the Alternate Reality Comics portion of this weekend (Saturday, June 30th from 3-7pm) we'll have fun raffle prizes and free beverages and snacks!

The fun starts the night before at Buffalo Wild Wings (190 West Craig) from 8:30-midnight, where they will be having a Drink n Draw (actually you'd don't have to do either of those to come out and visit!) meet up! And this fun weekend continues into Sunday July 1st at Maximum Comics (520 South Marks St. in Henderson, down from the Sunset Station) from 1-7pm! So you have three times to meet these artists, purchase art and prints from them and have what we guarantee will be a weekend you won't forget (and if you come to all three of the weekend's meeting s…

The Massive; Brian Wood & Kristian Donaldson

The Massive is Brian Wood's new series from Dark Horse Comics, beautifully drawn by Kristian Donaldson and colored by the always fabulous, Dave Stewart (who used to be in that 1980's band the Eurythmics - grin). What is The Massive about? The Massive takes place in our future, in which most of the planet Earth has been devastated by ecological / environmental disasters. The crew of the Kapital, a group of proactive environmentalists, are looking for their missing sister ship, The Massive, while also pondering what to do in a world as shell shocked as Earth has become, when they themselves feel like they've failed our planet. Anyone who has read Brian Wood comics such as Northlanders, DMZ, and Local, knows that a Brian Wood comic will be one of the most unique comics being published, populated with rich characters and high levels of intrigue, and The Massive, with just its first issue and its strong world building foundations, is really strong out of the gate, so if you&…

Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #1; Darwyn Cooke & Amanda Conner

Week 2 of the Before Watchmen releases brings us the first issue of Silk Spectre written by Darwyn Cooke (who writes and draws Minutemen) and Amanda Conner. This was an absolute delight, with Amanda Conner also bringing the best artwork she's EVER done and she has always been a great artist with a lot of range. Just look at the range of character facial expressions on this page and and tell me this isn't an artist on the top of her craft! Seriously, everyone is bringing their A game to these titles! Money back guarantee (this comes out tomorrow, Wednesday, June 13th)!

Before Watchmen Minutemen #1; Darwyn Cooke

I want to start off this entry by just cutting to the chase: Before Watchmen Minutemen #1, written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke is fantastic and was even better than I hoped it would be! Seriously, if you had any doubts about how a Watchmen comic would be sans Alan Moore, well just read Minutemen #1 and your concerns will be addressed. I'm going to say that if you don't like Minutemen #1, then this isn't the comic for you (and it's a money back guarantee comic at Alternate Reality Comics!). For those of you who aren't familiar with Darwyn Cooke, he wrote and drew the excellent Justice League story set in the 1960's, New Frontier, has adopted two Richard Stark Hunter crime fiction novels into two excellent graphic novels from IDW (with a third one scheduled for release in July), and did Batman Ego, which was a great Batman year one story. What is Before Watchmen, specifically Minutemen? Before Watchmen is exactly what it sounds like, stories that take plac…