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Alternate upcoming October FUN events!

We've got SOOOO much going on here at Alternate Reality Comics that I want to make a giant post here to give everyone a heads up! I want to firstly thank everyone who comes out to the events at Alternate Reality Comics and to thank you in advance for considering going to the following Alternate Reality Comics October events, when I know that everyone has a lot already going on! I'm going to list these upcoming events in reverse order, just because today is Bizzarro Day (I'm not sure what I mean by that - grin!):

Wednesday, October 31st: Halloween is on New Comics Wednesday! Since Halloween is happening on the same fabulous day of the week that new comics and graphic novels are released, it's mandatory that everyone who comes to Alternate Reality Comics that day, has to be in costume - okay, not really, but if you do come in costume, you'll get three raffle tickets for your chance to win some fabulous prizes, including BIG gift certificates, art prints, graphic nove…

Las Vegas Comic Expo 2012 recap!

Last weekend, Las Vegas had its first comic convention in almost ten years (two big comic conventions we had in 1996 and 2003 were poorly promoted and organized, thus killing Vegas comic conventions for years), with Charles, Rob, and David Lee's Las Vegas Comic Expo 2012 and it was a RESOUNDING success on EVERY level! When I first talked to Las Vegas Comic Expo founder, Charles Lee months ago, I knew right away that he wasn't a short-term thinker and that he was committed to doing this convention for years to come. Charles has gone to numerous conventions over the years (and is a HUGE comic fan himself!), so he definitely did his homework. Charles and Rob surrounded themselves with a great support team, including Brieanna Brock Randall (who handled the cosplay side of the convention and assembled photographers), Stephanie Payne (who along with her Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities gals and other volunteers really made all the small things come together), Shawn Lane (wh…