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Happy 30th Anniversary Love and Rockets!

This year, the seminal, alternative comic book, Love and Rockets turned 30 years old! That's 30 years of continuous publication in comic and graphic novel formats by creators / cartoonists, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez (their older brother Mario also contributes stories and art from time to time)! This first page of art shown here is by Gilbert Hernandez (they also write and draw their own stories). The characters that populate Gilbert Hernandez' stories mostly inhabit a fictional town called Palomar.
This page of art ('actually reviewing this published entry, I'm seeing that blogspot continues to find new ways to mess up my posts, so photos two and three are reversed'- both pages are amongst eleven pages of originals on display at the Artist Spotlight section of Alternate Reality Comics through the end of December) is by Jaime Hernandez and most of his characters live in the fictional town of Huerta (Hoppers).
What is Love and Rockets about? Simply put, it's…