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Happy New Comics Wednesday 7/29/15 - Sabrina #4, Deadpool Scecret Secret Wars, Superman edition! Also Punks In Vegas celebration Saturday, 8/1 at 6pm with live local bands!

 Sabrina #4 - find out what happens to Harvey! Finally, The Morrison / Millar Swamp Things are collected! Please check out the info after these three new comics teases for the fun event we're doing on Saturday to celebrate my friend, Steven Matview's Punks In Vegas site's 4 year anniversary with some great local bands!
 A stand alone issue of Star Wars drawn by Simone Bianchi! The last Fraction / Aja Hawkeye trade! Sex Criminals #11 - this cover is drawn by Scott Pilgrims's Bryan Lee O'Malley and is very naughty (grin), there's also a not naughty cover!
 Thors #2!
Join Punks in Vegas in celebrating four (and a half...we're bad at remembering our anniversary) years of covering the music scene in Las Vegas with an ALL-AGES acoustic show at Alternate Reality Comics!

We're happy to announce that the show will be headlined by an acoustic performance from Steady Hands, a folk/punk band from Philadelphia with Sean Huber, drummer of Modern Baseball, on vo…

Happy New Comics Wednesday 7/22/15 - Fables EPIC conclusion, Fight Club, Old Man Logan, Cyborg edition!!

 Fables, what a FANTASTIC long run, right!? Wolf, a new Ales Kot production!
 E is For Extinction #1 was wacky in the Morrison & Quitely New X-Men way and issue 2 looks to be more of the same - yay!
 Archie Vs. Sharknado!?
These beautiful hardcovers come with a DVD & blu-ray animated feature for only $26.50!

Happy New Comics Wednesday 7/15/15 - Ant-Man Annual, Siege #1, Hawkeye, Superman / Wonderwoman edition!!


Happy New Comics Wednesday 7/8/15! WOW, Walking Dead #144!! Archie by Waid & Staples!! Star Trek / Green Lantern edition!!

 SOOOOO many BIG new titles this week! Invader Zim - and we have a SPECIAL cover only available at Alternate Reality Comics! Definitely look at Strange Fruit!
 Big, big Secret Wars tie-in debuts today!

Star Wars Lando, with art by Alex Maleev look fantastic! Hope everyone who is heading out to the big San Diego Con has a wonderful time!