Monday, October 8, 2007

kids love Eastern Promises!

Kate and myself went to see David Cronenberg's new movie Eastern Promises yesterday and loved everything about it especially the smart story and the cast led by Viggo Mortenson, Naomi Watts, and Vincent Cassell.

Sitting behind us was a mother and her ten year old son. I told Kate that they'd probably last 20 minutes tops before they left. Well they didn't leave and although the son and mother made some gasps of shock at some of what was going on in Eastern Promises, actually they weren't as annoying as I thought they'd be. Still, you'd think that anyone with half a brain would know not to bring a kid (under twelve at least, but I realize that some kids are more advanced then others) to a Cronenberg movie (and in this day and age it's quite easy to do a search on an R rated movie to get a sense of whether it's a good idea to bring a ten year old to - again who knows, maybe she did do this). I'm actually surprised that this movie didn't get an NC 17 rating. After the movie, I told Kate that now the kid is ready for Blue Velvet! Actually this reminded me of when I went to see Pan's Labyrinth with a friend and a father had brought his 8-10 year old son with him, but with that movie I can understand a little because some of the previews made it look like the Jim Henson movie Dark Crystal - they ended up leaving about 20 minutes into the movie. So who knew that Eastern Promises would be the feel good movie of the year for the whole family?

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