Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm not making this up...

Last night I was hanging out with some friends at Paddy's, a fine bar / pub, here in fabulous Las Vegas and I asked a couple of them if they were getting jazzed for the upcoming Watchmen movie. Just about everyone is, even people who haven't read the comic / graphic novel. Here's the sad, but true part of our conversation, that I repeat "I am not making up":

One of my lawyer friends told me that he's been representing a client who, after ingesting a lot of cocaine, gets in a car, and ends up hitting a guy on a motorcycle, which resulted in his death (the guy on the cycle). Anyway, the cocaine guy realized that he was totally guilty and was prepared to take whatever sentencing the judge was going to throw at him, but he was trying to get them to delay when he'd actually have to start serving his sentence so that he could see Watchmen on March 6th (this guy had waited almost all of his life to see Watchmen get to the big screen).

This story is sad on so many levels. I hope no one thinks I'm making light of a person who died just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, killed by a guy who obviously shouldn't have been behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. The cocaine guy didn't mean to kill anyone, but obviously that doesn't mean he shouldn't have to pay the piper and now his life is going to be very hard. But seriously, to be facing the reality of a long prison sentence, and to have as one of your main concerns being whether (when) you'll be able to see the Watchmen movie, well as Rorschach would say: "Hurm."

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Olympia said...

That really is the genuinely saddest story I've ever heard, Ralph.