Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alec "The Years Have Pants"

This week, Eddie Campbell's definitive edition collection of his autobiographical comics, many of them with the title Alec within them, arrived, aptly titled Alec "The Years Have Pants" (A Life-Sized Omnibus). This fancy huge volume collects comics that Eddie Campbell wrote and drew as far back as the early 1980's (but even then his cartooning skills and comic book autobio voice were already in top form) and with its page count clocking in at 640 pages, Alec "The Years Have Pants" adds up to hours of entertainment and insight through Campbell's reflections on his daily life (Alec is actually a stand in character for Eddie himself) covering a span of about thirty years.

If you're only familiar with Eddie Campbell from his art accompaniment to Alan Moore's word wizardry in From Hell, Campbell's autobiographical comic stylings are amongst the very best within this "genre" of comic books. Those that have read Campbell's autobio work before will be happy to have all of these stories in one place in addition to a brand new 35 page story exclusive to this handsome volume. Just in time for the holidays (for your loved ones or a huge treat for yourself)!

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