Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dodgem Logic

Yesterday I was happy to receive from the postman copies of Dodgem Logic, a new zine / underground that Alan Moore is involved with that debuted this past November. I missed the secondary solicitation, which explains why I'm only now getting this, but as soon as I saw that a fellow retailer (Cliff Biggers in Atlanta, Dr. No's Comics) had some extras, well I had to get some as I didn't want to wait for my other copies to come in March.

Dodgem Logic is magazine sized in full color with 40 pages for only $3.99 and also includes a full length CD titled Nation of Saints 50 Years of Northampton Music (of which Alan Moore sings on the first track). Like other zines / underground magazines that have been around basically since printing has existed, Dodgem Logic is a collection of short pieces by various collaborators. Alan Moore starts off the first issue with a six page history of underground magazines / zines, that is for my money worth the cover price of Dodgem Logic all be itself (he also writes and draws a one page comic strip, that didn't resonate with me, which I mention for those who think I just love everything Alan Moore does - maybe I'm too slow to get what Moore was going for in that strip). Melinda Gebbie (artist on Lost Girls of course), writes a two page article on feminism and how it often didn't live up to its aspirations. There's a couple of recipes also within, so if all of the above doesn't suggest how eclectic Dodgem Logic is, I don't know what would. Dodgem Logic seems to have a Northampton focus (that's where Alan Moore lives), but I'm unsure if this will be true of all of its issues, but that's irrelevant as no matter how you slice it, there's definitely sillier ways you could spend $3.99 for material as diverse as what's between the pages of Dodgem Logic.

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