Monday, March 15, 2010

McCool & Templesmith signing Thursday and...!

Just four days away from the big Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith signing at Alternate Reality Comics! Ben and Ben are doing a tour to promote their new Image crime noir / horror series, Choker, so come on down to Alternate Reality Comics this Thursday, March 18th from 5-7pm to give them a big welcome! The second issue of Choker arrives this week so I'll have that on hand as well as issue #1 (which is going to a second printing, but I still have first printings left) and Superman 80 Page Giant, which has a short story written by Ben McCool. And...

...this week only, in celebration of the Templesmith / McCool signing, all of their titles, comics, graphic novels will be on sale for 20% off cover price (sale ends at close of signing on Thursday)!! This sale includes fantastic Ben Templesmith titles such as: Wormwood Gentleman Corpse, Welcome To Hoxford, 30 Days of Night, Groom Lake, Fell, and The Presidents of the United States as well as Choker, written by Ben McCool. Seriously, all of these aforementioned titles are excellent so I'm thinking that this sale will allow people to get more of their Templesmith / McCool fix (sorry for being such a shameless comic book pusher - grin!). Ben and Ben will be happy to sign all of the books they've worked on, I believe Ben Templesmith will have some prints for sale, and I think he even does quick sketches for free if you give him a wink (grin!), especially if you have / bought one of his books. And just because Ben Templesmith seems to wear a suit to all of his convention / store appearances, the dress code for the signing this Thursday will still be causal so come on by to catch a glimpse of the minds behind some of the most unique comics being produced today!

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