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Dear Dad; Ky-Mani Marley

About a month ago, Ky-Mani Marley was at a local Barnes and Noble signing his new book, Dear Dad. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the signing, but Deanna, one of my customer's (Marc) wife, who works at said bookstore, got me a signed copy.

Yes, Ky-Mani Marley is one of Bob Marley's sons and yes, Dear Dad, is partially about Bob Marley. Because Ky-Mani had a different mother than most of Bob Marley's children, and sadly because there was a lot of drama because of that fact, Ky-Mani didn't grow up with the benefits that one would think being a son of Bob Marley would entail. Thus, Dear Dad is mostly about how Ky-Mani grew up like a lot of kids who grew up in Jamaica did, which was being very poor (in the financial sense as Ky-Mani emphasizes).

Ky-Mani and his mother, when he was about eight years old, moved to Miami, to be with other family members who lived there. As Ky-Mani recounts in Dear Dad, when he was a kid living in Falmouth, Jamaica, there was nine peo…

Invincible Gene Colan

This blog entry is the 500th entry (edited to add that this is not the 500th post - my apologizes to those of you keeping score) here on Ich Liebe Comics! which I first started three years ago, back in May, 2007. So I'm going to mark this occasion by writing about The Invincible Gene Colan, a new book that spotlights the amazing artwork of one of my favorite all time artists, Gene Colan.

The Invincible Gene Colan is a hardcover, 131 page, full color (other then when Gene Colan's penciled pages are reproduced) Marvel produced book, edited by Clifford Meth. Since this book was published by Marvel, there's no art from other companies that Gene Colan worked for, but he did do most of his comic book artistic work for Marvel so there's definitely lots of great Gene Colan artwork within this volume. My only criticism of The Invincible Gene Colan is that it could easily have been three times in length because he worked in this industry for something like sixty-four years! Gene …

saturn apartments

saturn apartments is a new manga series by Hisae Iwaoka about people who clean the exterior windows on a space station. One of the first questions that comes to mind with this premise is: If this space station is so advanced to actually allow people to live there full time, couldn't they have made self cleaning exterior windows or robots that will clean those windows? Actually the cartoonist kind of does address that, but mostly if you're going to enjoy saturn apartments, which I did, you're going to have to just accept that people cleaning exteriors on a space station is a job that needs to be done by people.

In the future setting of saturn apartments, people don't live on Earth anymore as it has become endangered, thus people have to live in this huge satellite that orbits Earth in order to preserve the planet. A class system exists on this satellite, just as class systems exist / existed on Earth, with the higher classes residing on the higher floors.

The central ch…

Silverfin: Young Bond

Silverfin is a graphic novel adaptation of the novel of the same title with art by Kev Walker and written by Charlie Higson (who also wrote the novel). Silverfin is about young James Bond (yes, THAT James Bond) when he first started adventureteering.

I'd never really been into the James Bond character (I think I've only watched one or two of the movies) and I wasn't familiar with the creative team of this graphic novel so when the Silverfin graphic novel came out originally in 2008, it completely fell under my radar. Fortunately, one of the wonderful patrons of my store ordered a copy from a recent Diamond Previews catalog and when it arrived this week, I took one look at the art by Kev Walker and knew that I had to read this. I'm really glad I did, because this was a totally fantastic adventure / mystery story, that wasn't reliant on me being a James Bond aficionado (but those that are will probably get even more out of this graphic novel). Silverfin is published …

Daytripper #6

Another adventure of Bras, the obituary writer, titled "33", by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, Daytripper is the best comic being published today. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Seriously, you'll only give yourself a headache by avoiding this comic. For those trade-waiting on Daytripper, there's four issues left so I'm going to guess the collection will be out in October or November.

Frank Frazetta 1928-2010

My friend, Rick, just called me with the sad news that Frank Frazetta died this afternoon at the age of 82, seemingly of another heart attack. Even though Frank Frazetta had led a long rich life and had a couple of other heart attacks, this is still very sad news to me and to everyone who loves fantastic art.

Frank Frazetta's artistic contributions to the comic book medium and fantasy art are without equal as he was an Artist with a capital A (not just a great fantasy artist, but a FANTASTIC all around artist), he was hugely influential to many artists, and his paintings were never just static posed images - they told entire stories unto themselves. If you haven't already seen the excellent 2003 documentary on Frank Frazetta titled Frazetta - Painting With Fire, I'd say now would be a great time to hunt down a DVD copy.
I first started reading comics on a regular basis back in 1975 (I was 13) and one day I was in the B Dalton bookstore at the Boulevard Mall here in Las Veg…

The Tale Of One Bad Rat

Dark Horse, this week released a new collected edition of Bryan Talbot's The Tale Of One Bad Rat, in hardcover (surprisingly it wasn't previously available as such). As Bryan Talbot explains in his afterward, The Tale Of One Bad Rat began as his ode to the work of Beatrix Potter and the English Lake District, but as he started to develop his central character, Helen, and her back story, which involves sexual abuse, The Tale Of One Bad Rat became a graphic novel about sexual abuse, but it's not just a story about victimization

The Tale of One Bad Rat was originally a four issue comic book mini series and was first collected in a trade paperback in 1995, went on to be translated in several different languages, as well as winning an Eisner Award. I think that too may books / graphic novels are put in hardcover, when a softcover version would suffice, but The Tale Of One Bad Rat is definitely hardcover worthy (and a mere $19.99!) as it is every bit as excellent as it was when i…

Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965; JOE KUBERT

This week at finer comic book stores everywhere, the new graphic novel by comic book legend and extraordinary artist, Joe Kubert, titled Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965 arrived. This new hardcover graphic novel (200 pages) published by DC Comics is a fictional account by Joe Kubert (who both writes and illustrates Dong Xoai) of events that happened in Don Xoai, in June of 1965.

Joe Kubert did extensive research on Dong Xoai and communicated with the soldiers of the Special Forces Group (Detachment A-342, 5th Special Forces Group Airborne) that were in service there during the time this graphic novel takes place. Dong Xoai was critical within Vietnam because several roads that moved men and material between war zones intersected nearby. The Special Forces unit was stationed there to secure Dong Xoai against the Viet Cong and to train / supply the Vietnamese strike force.

The art style that Joe Kubert employs in Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965, is more of an illustrative style and while this graphic no…

City of Spies

City of Spies is a new fantastic all ages graphic novel written by first time graphic novelists, Susan Kim and Lawrence Klavan (both of whom are acclaimed and award winning writers in other mediums) and drawn by Pascal Dizin, also making his graphic novel debut. This is quite the debut graphic novel for all three creators, as City of Spies just oozes with great characters, a great plot, and lots of adventure, humor, and tugging at the reader's heart.

The central character of City of Spies, is Evelyn, a Jewish girl of about ten years of age, who is sent to spend the summer with her aunt, Lia Spiegleman, who lives in the Germantown section of New York City, circa 1942. Evelyn writes and draws a comic journal called The Amazing Adventures of Zirconium Man and Scooter! (of which episodes are show throughout City of Spies), which is seemingly a thinly veiled version of adventures she'd like to have (she draws Scooter as she looks).

As entertaining as Evelyn's comic is, for me t…

FCBD version 2010 - a smashing success!

The ninth annual Free Comic Book Day came around yesterday and at Alternate Reality Comics, it looked like a fun time was had by everyone that came to get this years offerings!

This first photo is of Aziz, one of the many discriminating readers who shop at my store, with a little Iron Lad upon his shoulders (I think the lad is Aziz's nephew) - cute!
Some of the people that were part of the first wave as the doors opened. This year I reconfigured my store to better display the Free Comic Book Day selections and that worked out much better than the set up I've had in previous years that created a bottleneck at the front door.
Hitwoman and a Jedi Master (Kate and Christie) were my muscle for the day, greeting and directing people to the Free Comic Book Day selections. Thanks also to my friend Rob Perez for all the prep work he helped me with, for overseeing the sidewalk back issue sale I had, and for helping me put the store back together after all of the excitement, and to Jim McKe…