Saturday, August 13, 2011

Supergods; Grant Morrison

Supergods is Grant Morrison's new history of the U.S. superhero comic / autobiography of his evolution as a comic book writer and it is EXCELLENT! I'm going to admit up front that I haven't read all of Supergods 400 pages (yet), but I have read many of the chapters in their entirety and many other passages at length. Time constraints are the only thing that has kept me away from giving Supergods a proper reading, but when I first picked it up to "look through" it, I couldn't stop skipping around.

Anyone who has read a comic book by Grant Morrison will not be surprised that he has written a great novel about the superhero genre, but I was surprised just how good Supergods is in relating how superhero comics and the comic book industry has changed since the late 1930's (and the people writing comic books over these many years) with a perspective and sinsights that I haven't thought of or read previously. Most fascinating to me are the chapters / sections of Supergods in which Grant Morrison talks about the writing and characters of some of my other favorite comic book writers, such as Alan Moore, Mark Millar, and Warren Ellis, as well as his (Morrison's) evolution as a person and writer.

I sometimes think that Grant Morrison's style of writing is one in which he just has too many ideas (not a bad thing) and he'll go off on another fantastic idea before having really done much with the idea he just left behind, but after reading Supergods, I have a new appreciation of why he does this. And I like anyone who reads Supergods, now want to somehow find time to re-read Morrison's Invisibles, Doom Patrol, and The Filth. Supergods is a totally engaging, fascinating book and if any Ich Liebe Comics! readers have a desire to reinvent yourself, Grant Morrison's detailing of how he did this, may just inspire you to do something similar.


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EW interview with the lads (in case you missed it) -

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