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The EPIC that is James Robinson's Starman & the eve of DCnU!

The past few months, when I wasn't keeping up with reading new comics and graphic novels that arrive every week, I've been revisiting James Robinson's Starman, which spanned 80 issues, numerous annuals, specials, and mini series (so Starman was really a 100 issue comic series), that DC Comics has collected in six massive hardcover omnibuses.

Well, I've been meaning to write this entry for a few weeks now, but alas it just hasn't happened. I thought that I HAD to write this entry here on the eve of DC Comics as this week sees the debut of their first new title (Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee). What do thoughts upon finishing reading Robinson's Starman have to do with DCnU (that's what the kids are calling the DC relaunch - gin)? Well dear Ich Liebe Comics! readers, read on...!

James Robinson's Starman is his magnum opus comic book saga that is definitely on par with Alan Moore's epic Swamp Thing and Neil Gaiman's Sandman. There hae…

First Artist Spotlight opening reception!

This past Friday night Alternate Reality Comics had our first Artist Spotlight reception and it was a GRAND time with a GREAT turnout! The Artist Spotlight section of the store will be mostly feature local artists, but from time to time we'll have visiting comic book artists display their art in this section of the store. We had planned to have this be a part of the store since we moved to our new location a year ago, from an idea that was first introduced to me by my friend, Paul Tompkins (who also takes care of Alternate Reality Comics on Sundays). With the additional artistry of my friend Michelle Irish and Jim McKenzie helping me fine tune this area, the space was all ready for the big show this past Friday!

Michelle recently introduced me to Keri Schroeder and her amazing artistic prowess, so I was very happy to have Keri as one of our two debut artists. Keri Schroeder's art will be on display through the end of September and if you weren't able to make it to the rece…

Alternate Reality Comics art gallery!

Once again, I've been falling behind on posting here at Ich Liebe Comics!, but I thank my blog readers for checking here from time to time. I've been really busy gearing up for the new DC titles which starts with Justice League #1, August 31st (and we'll have a special midnight launch / celebration for this book and the end of Flashpoint on midnight, Tuesday, August 30th, but I'll have have more details on this event in a couple of days). Also upcoming is Alternate Reality Comics' one year anniversary at our new space which is happening September 10th and is going to be tied into a benefit that the Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities are doing for Heaven Can Wait, an animal sanctuary. There's also something called the Maryland Parkway Music Festival happening on Labor Day weekend that Alternate Reality Comics is going to be part of, but with this entry I want to talk about the big new part of the store that is debuting this week!...

As those of you who'…

Supergods; Grant Morrison

Supergods is Grant Morrison's new history of the U.S. superhero comic / autobiography of his evolution as a comic book writer and it is EXCELLENT! I'm going to admit up front that I haven't read all of Supergods 400 pages (yet), but I have read many of the chapters in their entirety and many other passages at length. Time constraints are the only thing that has kept me away from giving Supergods a proper reading, but when I first picked it up to "look through" it, I couldn't stop skipping around.

Anyone who has read a comic book by Grant Morrison will not be surprised that he has written a great novel about the superhero genre, but I was surprised just how good Supergods is in relating how superhero comics and the comic book industry has changed since the late 1930's (and the people writing comic books over these many years) with a perspective and sinsights that I haven't thought of or read previously. Most fascinating to me are the chapters / sectio…


Looking for a great historical crime fiction thriller? Well your search is over! Last week ONI Press released a new hardcover graphic novel called Petrograd, written by Philip Gelatt and drawn by Tyler Crook (and it has beautiful duo tone coloring throughout).

Petrograd is the city that was once called St. Petersburg, and Petrograd the graphic novel is set between the two World Wars, and the central plot revolves around a plot to assassinate Rasputin and revolution. Big thumbs up from Ich Liebe Comics!

The Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle, & Burbank

This past Saturday, Kate and I took a drive out to Burbank to attend a signing by The Last Unicorn creator and novelist, Peter S. Beagle, and afterwards they had a screening of the 1982 animated Last Unicorn movie at the Sunset Screening Room. The last time I was out to the Los Angeles area was back in 2002, when DC flew me out to Burbank so that I could attend the retailer meeting they had that year. The last time I drove out there was waaaay back in 1984 to check out the Violent Femmes play on their second album tour (I was also in LA back in 1995 to see Oingo Boingo, but a friend of mine drove). To say that I don't like driving on the LA freakway is an understatement, but Kate never saw The Last Unicorn on the big screen (neither had I), so we decided to brave those crazy roads for this event.

The Last Unicorn novel was written by Peter S. Beagle and published in 1968. This was one of Kate's favorite books as a wee lass and she only saw the movie when it came out on VHS som…