Friday, January 13, 2012

Whispers; Joshua Luna

Have you read Ultra, Girls, or Sword by the Luna brothers? If you have, you already know that any new comic book project by the Luna brothers will surely be good and different. This week the first issue of Whispers came out from Image, written and drawn by Joshua Luna, the first time either of them has worked alone (to my knowledge), and I'm going to call it easily the best new series of this young year (Brubaker and Phillip's Fatal, also published by Image and released last week, is also great)!

All of the Luna brothers' comic book projects are vastly different from the one they'd mostly recently finished, and Joshua Luna's Whispers, is no exception. The central character, Sam, has been having dreams, which he thinks aren't really dreams and also starts being able to sort of astrally project himself to different places and people (and being invisible at the same time). With the way this first issue unravels, I can't imagine anyone not picking up following issues, seriously this gets going right away! And this may be the first comic book featuring a main character who has OCD (and this is a big part of the first issue)!


Heath said...

I really enjoyed this one, Thanks for getting me to read it. I'm waiting for Brie to get to it

Arion said...

I had heard so many good comments about previous Luna's projects so I picked this up and I loved it. Actually, I even wrote a review on my blog:

I'm glad to see Image is putting out so many interesting titles (although I'm starting to get a bit worried about my budget limitations!).