Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When David Lost His Voice; Judith Vamistendael

 Judith Vamistendael is a Belgian cartoonist who also illustrates children's books. When David Lost His Voice was originally published in two volumes in Europe, but now there's this one wonderful 270 page full color hardcover, published by Self Made Hero.

I'm not sure if When David Lost His Voice is a true story, but it sadly could be and whether or not it is true or not, When David Lost His Voice is just a beautifully sad account of David, who gets cancer and  the women in his life and how they're all trying to deal with this reality.  Although When David Lost His Voice, even being 270 pages long, doesn't take very long to read, it is a book you'll want to revisit, share with others, and take time to slow down the animated quality that Judith Vamistendael brings to every page.