Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy New Comic Wednesday 1/15/14 - Larime Taylor (A Voice In The Dark) signing & Miracleman edition!

BIG, BIG, BIG Day here today at Alternate Reality Comics, lads and lasses! As I'm sure you all know, we're having A Voice In The Dark creator, Larime Taylor in the store from 10am - 6pm! The third fantastic issue is out today and Larime would love to hear your feedback on the first two issues! We also has a fresh stock of all three issues if you haven't already tried this great new title! I couldn't be happier with this title issue after issue. Larime writes and draws such rich and different characters. A sound bite description I'll leave you with if you don't already know what this book is about: the central character, Zoey, has killed someone and gotten away with it, she's just started college and hosts a radio talk show called A Voice In The Dark and her first show goes to a place no one was expecting. Please come by today and show Larime what a great comic book community Vegas has!
Miracleman!!!! This was a comic Alan Moore wrote in the early 1980s before he wrote Watchmen, but it's really not dated at all. This long out of print comic is basically a "realistic" version of Captain Marvel / Shazam and was one of the first "taking superheroes to the next level" comics. This series had many fine artists working with Alan Moore, with the first few issues being by Gary Leach. The new colors are amazing and I can't wait to talk to people about what they thought about this comic after they've read it!
SO many good comics today! Velvet, by Brubaker and Epting on its third issue keeps hitting on all fronts! Black Dynamite was a lot of fun, can't wait for the next issue of this! Superman and Wonder Woman is shaping up to be one of the better Superman and Wonder Woman comics in some time in my opinion! Red Rover Charlie by Garth Ennis and artist Michael Dipascle is a great end of the world scenario told from dogs and cats perspectives and is one of my favorite Ennis written comics in some time!
Inhumanity Spider-Man is a good Spider-Man self-contained story by Chris Gage with some amazing art by Stepanie Hans and the beginnings of some big changes are afoot in Superior Spider-Man! The penultimate issue of Daredevil before the character moves to San Francisco (it'll have the same great creative team) has a last page that makes you really want to read the next issue right now! Lot os X titles out today too, including Uncanny X Force (not in this photo)!
The third issue of Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn's Alex + Ada, about a young man who is given a beautiful android from his grandmother is out today and this is becoming another one of my favorite Luna titles - very well thought out! The conclusion of The Accursed in this week's Thor and the last issue of Fantastic Four before James Robinson and Leonard Kirk take on this team book! Nova, Batgirl (a Gothtopia chapter), Nightwing, Astro City, and another Cataclysm chapter are a few of the other titles awaiting you!

As if that's not enough excitement, from 4-6pm Harry Simon and myself are having a tofu versus bacon battle at the store, so if you've never tried tofu and want to, I think you'll be surprised, especially one of the yums my wife, Kate, has made with tofu! Larime will also do a sketch for anyone on the back cover of his book (there's a little sketch box just for that) for only $5.00, so come on down, get some great new comics, try some tofu (and there'll be some bacon stuff - grin!), and give some ego strokes to a creator you're going to hear a lot more from in the months to come, Larime Taylor!

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