Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday 2/19/13 - new A Voice In The Dark edition!

Arrrgh, I uploaded last week's New Comics Wednesday's photos, so no teaser photos of covers from this week's comics until I get to the store in about three hours! Edited to add above photos! And my favorite comics I've read this week thus far besides a Voice In The Dark are Darevil (SO GREAT) and Alex + Ada!

A good mix on new comics hits today, but the only one I've read thus far is the fourth issue of A Voice In The Dark and it's still great. Larime Taylor doesn't let up on the momentum (we also have specially priced first three issue packs for those of you who haven't tried this series yet!). 

Last night my eyes were being lazy and shocked me by not feeling like reading, but here's today's comics I'm looking forward to reading: Harley Quinn, Daredevil (last issue before it gets relaunched next month as the creative team takes DD to San Francisco), Alex + Ada, White Suits, Batwoman, Animal Man, New Warriors, Batman and Two Face, Nova, Justice League, Night of the Living Deadpool, Punisher, Ghosted, Avengers World, Batman '66, Fables, and Unwritten. There's other titles out today, but those are the ones on my reading list. I'll just leave what else came out as a surprise!

Sorry this entry is so short, but I've got some reading to catch up with, so I'll see my fellow comic book enthusiasts at the Alternate (Reality Comics, that is - grin)!

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