Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday 8/6/14 - How The World Was, Grayson #2, New Starlin Thanos GN, & Artist Spotlight opening reception!

 After looking at these four photos of all of the KEEN comics (actually these are just SOME) that are out this week, please read about our Artist Spotlight Opening Reception happening tonight, Wednesday, August 6th, from 5-8pm!

 Just WOW, right!?
The above is one of the art pieces by this month's Alternate Reality Comics Artist Spotlight artist, John Keller! He's got some other cool art pieces, but most of his art on display is some REALLY COOL photography he's done! Here's details:

We're having our first Artist Spotlight focusing on photography as we here at Alternate Reality Comics believe art takes many different forms. We also believe that nature is a powerful art force, which you'll see when you see John Keller's nature photography. John Keller isn't a professional artist, contrary to what the quality of his photography suggests, we're also hosting him to illustrate that there's an artist in each of us. Besides photography, John Keller's Artist Spotlight will feature some of his digital drawings & he'll have some 3D objects! Complimentary snacks, beverages, & other snacks will be provided while you visit with John and enjoy his art! Bring friends, they'll thank you! And thank everyone who comes out and supports local art! 5-8pm, Wednesday, August 6th!

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