Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday 10/1/14 - NEW Thor, New Bucky (with Marcos Rudy art!), NEW Jason Aaron series, Men of Wrath, 3rd Death of Wolverine, & A MUST SEE Artist Spotlight Opening Reception tonight!!

We should have the entire shipment processed as close as possible at 11am Wednesday (we didn't get our shipment on Tuesday as we were supposed to - arrrgggh!) - call first if you were going to come earlier! Details of our BIG, exciting, Artist Spotlight Opening Reception below!

Wolverine in one issue closer to dying!!
 Thor is now a woman, no there wasn't a sex change (grin)! Who is this new character!?
 A whole new status quo for Bucky that was set up at the end of Original Sin #8 (I'm going to guess that you can jump onto this first issue even if you haven't read that though)! Can't wait to salivate over Marco Rudy's art!
 Miracleman #1-10 were great, taking the superhero concept to an entirely new level, but it's this third book of Miracleman issues #11- #16, GORGEOUSLY illustrated by John Totleben, that really made Miracleman the seminal comic it is! Can't wait to see the new colors on Totleben's art!
 If you're looking for another Southern Bastards hard edged comic written by Jason Aaron, I'm sure his new creator owned, Men of Wrath (illustrated by Ron Garney) will be your ticket!
Walking Dead! Will we find out about.... (I'm not going to say, because firstly I haven't read this issue yet, and secondly, I don't want to spoil what we may find out about in this issue)!

Here's details about tonight's Artist Spotlight Opening Reception!:

Alternate Reality Comics is happy to announce that our October Artist Spotlight is FANTASTIC local artist, James Bousema! Opening Reception is Wednesday, Oct. 1st from 5-8pm! We hope a lot of you can make it and lavish ego strokes to James Bousema in person regarding how awesome his art is! complimentary snacks, beverages, and wine will also be part of the opening!

James Bousema, has been creating art all of his life. An artist with the heart of a geek, James has never been afraid to put his influences into his work whether they stem from Saturday morning cartoons, comic books, or ancient mythology. He graduated the University of Nevada Las Vegas as a Drawing and Painting major in the Spring of 2013 and currently works as a Graphic Designer / Illustrator and Freelance Artist.

Please spread the word and bring your friends and neighbors for great local art and a great time!

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