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Happy New comics Wednesday 2/26/14 - Miracleman #3 - things REALLY get turned up edition! Stop by and say hi to Michelle, Paul, & Jim while I'm gone!

Okay, finally, with Miracleman #3, Marvel's representation of this seminal "realistic" version of Captain Marvel / Shazam, by Alan Moore is pretty much cover to cover of actual story content. The filler stuff in the first two issues are interesting in a historical perspective, but the first two issues should have had more story content. With issue #3 of Miracleman, new readers will finally get a big taste of where this is going and why it has always been regarded as one of the very best superhero epics as only Alan Moore (Mr. Thinking Outside of the Box) can do!

Garth Ennis' Unknown Soldier is back in print! Jae Lee is back for an arc on Batman and Superman and the second issues of Deadly Class (first issue was SO good, I have more first prints of that issue arriving next week from a friends store up in Portland!) and the second issue of Serenity, which picks up right after the movie, are out!
The first issue of the new Fantastic Four by James Robinson and Leonard K…

Happy New Comics Wednesday 2/19/13 - new A Voice In The Dark edition!

Arrrgh, I uploaded last week's New Comics Wednesday's photos, so no teaser photos of covers from this week's comics until I get to the store in about three hours! Edited to add above photos! And my favorite comics I've read this week thus far besides a Voice In The Dark are Darevil (SO GREAT) and Alex + Ada!
A good mix on new comics hits today, but the only one I've read thus far is the fourth issue of A Voice In The Dark and it's still great. Larime Taylor doesn't let up on the momentum (we also have specially priced first three issue packs for those of you who haven't tried this series yet!). 
Last night my eyes were being lazy and shocked me by not feeling like reading, but here's today's comics I'm looking forward to reading: Harley Quinn, Daredevil (last issue before it gets relaunched next month as the creative team takes DD to San Francisco), Alex + Ada, White Suits, Batwoman, Animal Man, New Warriors, Batman and Two Face, Nova, Just…

Happy New Comics Wednesday 2/12/14 - Royal Edition!

Within these three photos are just some of the fabulous comics out today that want to be your friend! I need to get to reading them, so I apologize for my lack of words here this week! Hope to see many of you at the Alternate today!
The above comics aren't blurry in person!

Happy New Comics Wednesday 2/5/14 - BIG Marvel debut day & Deryl Skelton Artist Spotlight opening reception!

As you can see in the photo above, today we've got four new Marvel titles debuting, which makes for great jumping on points to see what these new creative teams do with these characters. First a note though about this afternoon / evening special guest from 5-8pm at Alternate Reality Comics:

Alternate Reality Comics has been wanting to have an Artist Spotlight focusing on one of Vegas' best kept artistic secrets, Deryl Skelton, for a long time, well that day is upon us! Deryl Skelton had worked in the comic book industry for years, primarily on Star Trek The Next Generation, but he's drawn everything from Guardians of the Galaxy, Silver Surfer, Wonder Woman, Infinity Guantlet, & What If, to chapters in Tales From Fremont Street & Tales From the Boneyard! He's also done editorial, caricature, &advertising cartooning, basically if it's art related, he's done it (and there's probably not a comic book character he hasn't drawn)! At his opening re…