Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday - BIG FUN Convergence minis start edition!!

 Okay, Convergence #0 didn't really start with a bang last week, I would have not have had the intro issue to this event just centering on Superman and Brainiac, but by the end of this week's Convergence #1, we see what's going on! And all of the ten first issues of the Convergence minis that came out this week have some entertainment within and all of them address what it's like to be in a domed city! My favorites were Harley Quinn,  Atom, Titans, Justice League, Speed Force, and Batgirl! After you red any of these, I'm confident that you'll be on board with what Convergence is doing!
 Darth Vader #4!
Deadpool dies!?!?!?! Ant Man! Spider Woman! Check out Rebels for some great American Revolution War story-telling! Walking Dead, Saga, and Jupiter's Circle are also out today! Face it tigers, you've hit the comic book jackpot!

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