Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 5/13/15 - Secret Wars #2, Lantern City, new Ellis title: Injection, Silk, Thor's identity revealed edition!!

 Yes it's just been a week since Secret Wars #1 and ten days since #0, but Marvel is releasing Secret Wars #2 to get the momentum going - this issue really outlines how BIG this story is and gives you more clues on where it's going! You're gonna hate the wait for issue #3, which doesn't come out for three more weeks (so read this issue slowly - grin!)! Saga, Darth Vadar, new Ellis title; Injection!
 Thor is.....! You all stayed away from spoilers, right!?
With issue #6 of Convergence, the DC characters from the new 52 start reacting to what is going on with Tellos and Brainiac! Lantern City looks like a really good steampunk story - wait until you see the interior art! Rebels #2, continuing the story of the American Revolution - great comic!

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