Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 5/13/15 - Secret Wars #2, Lantern City, new Ellis title: Injection, Silk, Thor's identity revealed edition!!

 Yes it's just been a week since Secret Wars #1 and ten days since #0, but Marvel is releasing Secret Wars #2 to get the momentum going - this issue really outlines how BIG this story is and gives you more clues on where it's going! You're gonna hate the wait for issue #3, which doesn't come out for three more weeks (so read this issue slowly - grin!)! Saga, Darth Vadar, new Ellis title; Injection!
 Thor is.....! You all stayed away from spoilers, right!?
With issue #6 of Convergence, the DC characters from the new 52 start reacting to what is going on with Tellos and Brainiac! Lantern City looks like a really good steampunk story - wait until you see the interior art! Rebels #2, continuing the story of the American Revolution - great comic!

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Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/8/17 - New Chuck Palahniuk (signed!), Wonder Woman, Action, Detective, Batman Lost (Metal tie in), Coyotes, Jay Savage Artist Spotlight Opening Reception edition!

 All of Or Legacy, the new novelette by Chuck Palahniuk, are signed! Coyotes is a great new Image title! Please check out our info below f...