Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 6/24/15 - Fight Club #2, Superman, Wytches tp, Walking Dead, E is For Extinction edition!!

 Fight Club 2 issue 2, and we got more of the first issue first printings in, this is crazy good! Have you been reading the new direction for Superman!? - It's really good! An affordable collection of the classic Howard the Duck comics, some of my very favorite all time comic stories!
 I haven't read E is For Extinction yet, but when you see the first couple of pages - WOW! The first collection of the GREAT new Ant-Man series!
Wytches, by Scott Snyder & Jock is one of our favorites here at Alternate Reality Comics, this is something very different indeed - and like most of Images first volumes, it's only $9.99! We also got more of the first issue of James Robinson's Airboy in - this is about as out there as you can imagine - think Hunter S. Thompson out there (seriously read the first couple of pages when you stop by!)!

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Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/19/17 - James Robinson signing Nick Fury #1 @ 6pm!!, Batman #21 - the start of THE BIG STORY!!, Secret Empire #0 Hail Nick Fury (he's not in this event yet, but I'm on his side!), Soupy Leaves Home edition!!

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