Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Happy New Comics Wednesday 12/28/16 - HUGE new releases to close the year! Customer Appreciation Day (well, you know I apprciate you all every day!) with FREE Ronald's Donuts, everyone who comes in gets entered into our raffles, BIG back issue sale, & buy 2 ten dollar sale graphic novels - get the third one FREE!

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Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/19/17 - James Robinson signing Nick Fury #1 @ 6pm!!, Batman #21 - the start of THE BIG STORY!!, Secret Empire #0 Hail Nick Fury (he's not in this event yet, but I'm on his side!), Soupy Leaves Home edition!!

 Yes, you've heard it before, how this or that event series will change the future of this or that universe forever, but based on havi...