Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy New Comics Wednesday 4/19/17 - James Robinson signing Nick Fury #1 @ 6pm!!, Batman #21 - the start of THE BIG STORY!!, Secret Empire #0 Hail Nick Fury (he's not in this event yet, but I'm on his side!), Soupy Leaves Home edition!!

 Yes, you've heard it before, how this or that event series will change the future of this or that universe forever, but based on having read Secret Empire #0 (and some other related things I've read) I can't see how this can't change the landscape of the Marvel Universe going forward! And this week's Captain America #16 is VERY connected to Secret Empire #0!
 Wait until you see what Aco is doing with his art in Nick Fury #1! You already know the writing by James Robinson will be great! Soupy Goes Home is a beautifully sad graphic novel Depression-era hobo story bu Cecil Castellucci (Shade the Changing Girl) and artist Jose Pimienta!
 Remember last years DC Universe Rebirth 80 page comic that teased some Watchmen connections within the regular DC Universe? This week's Batman #21 starts a four part crossover with Flash that advances that story (The Button)!
James Robinson, writer of Nick Fury #1 and many other fabulous comics, will be happy to sign your Nick Fury #1 and any of the other comics and graphic novels you have that he has written! The signing starts at 6pm, not 5pm as the above sign says, but James will stay until every book you have is signed!

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