Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Artist Within

Last week at your favorite comic book store they should have gotten in this fantastic new book of photographs that local photographer Greg Preston has been working on for over ten years. It's published by Dark Horse and features 101 portraits of comic book artists and cartoonists at their studios. The cross section of artists from all genres and ages is really amazing. I think any fan of any of the artists included within would love to have this and it will make a great book to take to comic book conventions especially the upcoming San Diego convention as many of the artists will be there and it's a great place to have all of their autographs.

Some of the artists within include: Jack Kirby, Art Spiegleman, Neal Adams, Michael Allred, Matt Wagner, Tim Sale, Jill Thompson, John Cassaday, Adrian Tomine, Paul Chadwick, Marie Severin, and Howard Chaykin.

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cami :D said...

thats a cute idea :D