Saturday, July 7, 2007

Super V recommends...

This week Y The Last Man #57 arrived and this series looks to be finishing its run in grand fashion. There's only three more issues to go and while I admire Vaughan for ending his series rather than just milking it for the cash cow it is, at the same time I think there are so many other aspects of this series that haven't been explored (but as they say go out strong and leave them wanting more).

As much as I'm loving the story in Y, I want to talk about the art. Pia Guerra is just amazing all around, especially when people are just standing around talking and her characters have a great range of facial expressions. It'll be interesting to see where Pia Guerra works after Y. The substitute artist they've used on Y in the past, Goran Sudzuka, is also really good (and makes for a nice transition when Guerra didn't do an issue) and I'll also be curious to see where we'll see his art in the future. I also want to give a holla (I'm so street) to inker Jose Marzan, Jr. and the beautiful colors by Zylonol (sounds like a prescription drug, doesn't it?). While I'm at it, the cover artist, Massimo Carnevale, is a keeper also. About the only thing I don't like here is the letterer, Clem Robins - I kid, I kid!

This week's Dragon Head is another great manga page turner from TokyoPop and we finally get a hint as to what may have caused the devastation. All Star Superman continues to be the best Superman title in eons and Jeff Loeb and John Cassaday's Fallen Son this week was in my opinion the best thing that Loeb has written since he left DC. This week's Countdown (another comic that featured a funeral this week) was the best issue yet proving that death in comics often does make for good drama as well as being the sales ploy I think they usually are. If JMS can keep up the momentum of Thor #1, then this title may be a keeper. Definitely a book to put on your gift giving or receiving list is Batman Ego and Other Tails by Darwyn Cooke (can he do nothing wrong?) and for sheer zaniness you don't have to look much further then The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen trade paperback (the Complete Normalman is a lot of fun also). Silverfish by Stray Bullets' (whatever happened to that title?) David Lapham was a good solid suspense Vertigo graphic novel with really nice production values.

Sorry for this seemingly all hype filled post, but I just wanted to highlight some books that are great examples of this wonderful medium we call comic books! On that note, I just want to leave you with this thought: V can be anyone, even Superman (just wanted to somehow tie this in with the photo here)!

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