Saturday, August 2, 2008

San Diego 2008 pt. 3

One of my other very favorite things about going to the San Diego comic con is to go to the beach which I've been doing with friends every Saturday for the past few years. Sure you miss things going on at the convention, but you also save maoney by not being on the convention floor and hey, it's the beach.

This is me and Harry Fagel, the beach party host with the most (I would say the most alcohol, but you're not supposed to have alcohol on the beach so I'll just say thanks for the fruit punch!)!
This is my tattoo of Big Barda paying her first visit to the beach. I did make it to the Jack Kirby tribute panel on Sunday and his grandson, Jeremy, was there so I gave him a couple of photos of my tat to share with his family.
Me and my good friend Kim, whom I've known for a really long time - this was her second time at the beach with me and we had a blast.

The beach gang after eating dinner after the beach part of the day. On both sides of me are members of the Fagel family and over to the far right is Kim and her friends Colby and Teresa, with her daughter, Sierra. I wore my Greatest American Hero cape (which came with the box set of the tv show that my friend Joel got for me - it's his birthday today, so happy B day, Joel!) to the beach (and a couple of mornings while jogging in downtown San Diego) just because I'm starved for attention.

As we were walking back to Harry's beach place we saw this cool Star Trek motorcycle. I miss the beach already.

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Ancient Flounder said...

That motorcycle is awesome. Haven't been to San Diego in a long time. Really nice during the summer.