Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2008 AnimeVegas!

This is Izzy and Cat (I know their "real" names, but I've been sworn to silence as they are on the run from the law - grin!), a mother and daughter team cosplaying as characters from Clamp's Clover. Cat (the daughter, with the white hair) won first prize at the masquerade Sunday night and I was happy to hear that because they always put a lot of work into their costumes and looked especially great this year.

This was the 5th AnimeVegas here in Las Vegas (of course) and the fourth one I've attended with a booth. I always do really well at this convention and had a great time, as did seemingly everyone else that attended. I liked the new venue that was used this year and even though there were half as many dealers as in the past few years, it looked like people were buying things and the energy level of the whole dealers room was high the entire three days.
This gal (whom I've seen at all of the AnimeVegas' that I've gone to, but never have gotten her name - doh!) always looks great and also puts a lot of work and thought into her cosplaying. She usually has a least two diffferent costumes during the three days and her father has wore costumes as well. Generally the people into manga and anime are more into dressing up as their favorite characters than "regular" comic fans are.
These two people look very smashing (listen to me trying to sound British!) as characters from Fullmetal Alchemist (an especially great anime)!

Me with some great cosplayers doing characters from Spirited Away - they were especially popular with those wanting to take photos.

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Camila said...

I like that name, Izzy :)

Happy New Comics Wednesday 7/18/18 - Life of Captain Marvel, Magic Order #2 (we still have #1 too!), conclusion of Infinity Countdown, Justice League edition!

 Hope all of my friends going to the San Diego Comic-Con this week have a GREAT time!