Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama...

...and much rejoicing commenced! After a loooong campaign, yesterday and last night people in the U.S. (including early voters) finally woke up and elected Barack Obama as our 44th President. Truly an amazing night! The sheer number of people that worked (often on a volunteer basis) to make this happen has been unprecedented and for their efforts to pay off like it did in yesterdays elections is extremely gratifying and bodes well for this countries future.

So who's going to Obama's inaugural address January, 20th 2009? Actually, the better question would be who wouldn't want to go if they could, but I'll just watch it on the big screen because as incredible as his inaugural is sure to be, I'm sure people will be stacked on top of each other. I'm going to guess that his guest of honor will be Ann Nixon Cooper, the 106 year old black woman that Obama talked about in his acceptance speech last night, as she has lived through and witnessed many landmark events throughout her 106 years. Ann Nixon Cooper's presence at Obama's inaguration would be the exclamation mark upon this incredibly inspiring time in America as the country moves forward, filled with promises of great new ways to approach politics to handle increasingly diverse people and challenges this country is experiencing. Additionally it's going to be interesting watching the Obama family these next four years (at least).


Camila said...

hi ralph!


how did your voting go?

Ralph Mathieu said...

My voting went well - we went about 15 minutes before 7am and it took a total of 30 minutes getting there, voting, and leaving. I'm sure it only took that long because about half of the registered voters in Vegas early voted and there was so many voting places in Vegas.

Thanks to you and all the Alvarez' that helped get people out to vote yesterday!

Happy New Comics Wednesday 7/18/18 - Life of Captain Marvel, Magic Order #2 (we still have #1 too!), conclusion of Infinity Countdown, Justice League edition!

 Hope all of my friends going to the San Diego Comic-Con this week have a GREAT time!