Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vegas Valley Comicfest 2008

Gilbert Hernadez (Love and Rockets, Sloth, Chance In Hell, Speak Of The Devil) with his daughter, Natalia Hernandez (who's in the third grade), with her first comic The Adventures of Crystal Girl.

Me with Dwayne McDuffie, writer of the excellent Justice League Unlimited cartoon, is presently writing DC's Justice League of America (in which some of his Milestone characters such as Static will be appearing next month), and some of his other writing included Beyond, Fantastic Four, and Damage Control for Marvel.
Steven Grant, holding the hardcover edition of the Punisher mini series he did with artist Mike Zeck. Grant has also written Whisper, Badlands, Two Guns, and for DC, he's written many Batman stories.

I think Vegas Valley Comicfest was a good time and seemed like a pretty good turnout. Kate said the panel she was on, Sex and Race In Comics, was well attended and she also operated the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund table, for which she signed up some new members and collected some donations. I hadn't heard yet how the other panels went or what their attendance was (and sadly didn't attend any of the panels as I like to introduce new people to my store via the booth I had at this event), but I'd see a good number of people in the comic dealers area after they got over so I think that's a good indication of how they went. I'd like to thank Suzanne Scott, the Clark County special events coordinator, for all she had done to make this happen and thanks also to Aziz, Katrina, and all the other volunteers who made everything run smooth!

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Pj Perez said...

I missed the Sex and Race panel, but attended three others. You can read about how those went and who attended here: