Friday, January 30, 2009

Art of Paul Duffield

This week Avatar released a nice inexpensive ($3.99), comic art book, called The Art of Paul Duffield, showcasing Freakangels artist, Paul Duffield's art (of course). Pages and pages of lovely images.

I'd have to say that Paul Duffield has quicky become one of my favorite artists. His style reminds me of Josh Middleton, but Duffield does great work and does it on a regular basis (I understand that not all artists can produce on a nine to five schedule, but there are some artists whose work you see so infrequently that makes us art lovers go through withdrawals).

I don't know what Paul Duffield has done before being the artist for Freakangels, but as more and more people discover him, he's going to be quite the hot ticket. He's been doing Freakangels online with writer Warren Ellis (six pages every week!) and a couple of months ago, Avatar released the first print volume of Freakangels, of which I already gave a huge thumbs up to in a blog entry last year.

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