Saturday, March 7, 2009

San Francisco Wondercon 2009 pt. 2

If GI Joe was about characters like this gal in her GI Joe costume, I might actually care about the upcoming movie. Actually the movie may turn out to be good for what it is, but I've never was into GI Joe as a kid (different era) so the whole fascination for things GI Joe or Transformers related things just makes my mind shut down.
A great Batgirl costume with the old Batman television camera angle in full force!

Trina Robbins (in this photo on the left of course), was one of the first underground female cartoonists and wrote many books about women in comics. Until I looked her up on wikipedia just now, I hadn't know that she designed Vampirella's costume back in the late 1960's (how did I not know that!)!

In this photo is Trina's long time partner, Steve Leialoha. Steve Leialoha has been an highly acclaimed inker since the 1970's (working on such titles as Warlock, Howard The Duck, Spider-Woman, and Star Wars) and is known by most comic fans today for his excellent inking on Fables. Leialoha is also an excellent artist and one of my favorite series by him was Trypto The Acid Dog.

Last Friday night after the first day of Wondercon, there was a benefit for the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco and Kate and I attended that. In addition to the uber cool Watchmen movie props and original artwork they had on display from that series, they had an entire room focusing on the fantastic art of Gene Colan (Tomb of Dracula, Howard The Duck, Night Force, Daredevil, and really too many more titles to mention). Steve Leialoha inked Colan on Howard the Duck and there were several Howard pages on display (I don't own any Howard originals, sob, sob), most of them from the collection of novelist Glen David Gold (his Carter Beats The Devil is EXCELLENT and has some nods to his love of comics). The only Howard original on display that was from Leialoha's collection was from issue #11 and I was surprised to see that it had a notation of in addition to being inked by Leialoha, Neal Adams and Bernie Wrightson contibuted their artistic wizardry to that page as well (this wasn't mentioned in the credits of the comic when it was published)! I saw Steve Leialoha in the lobby Friday / Saturday morning after the Watchmen sneak screening and after asking him what he thought of the movie (he mostly like it), asked him about that page from Howard I'd seen earlier and he told me that Adams and Wrightson were visting him at his studio at the time and wanted to draw over Colan's pencils, so of course he couldn't say no!
Just some cool "I don't know what they are exactly" things I saw while walking the convention floor.

The funniest shirt I saw at the convention.

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